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  1. So far I'm mainly playing on one side and keeping it simple to build up memory and movements. The thought of moving onto both sides is daunting but I get that it will come with natural finger movements. Being right handed my left hand cramps/aches quickly as my fingers aren't used to being manipulated on that hand so my focus will be to strengthen the dexterity of my left hand for a while too
  2. Thank you for that I will have a think and message you at some point. Thank you so much 👍
  3. Thank you for that I will have a think and message you at some point. Thank you so much 👍
  4. I'm also from east Suffolk I will have a look into these if you have anymore information I'd be most grateful
  5. I much prefer Gary Coovers book but I will certainly consider what you have listed above thanks
  6. Hi everyone I'm Ben in my late 20s from England. I have tried a few instruments in the past such as guitar and ukulele but have always struggled with these and ended up giving in. I am unable to read music but on a whim a few months ago picked up a Honher D40 second hand on ebay for around £60 and I love it. It wasn't until after my purchase I saw all the not so good reviews but mine seems to work as expected and I enjoy it. As I can't read music I decided to buy 2 beginner books, The Anglo Concertina Absolute Beginners by Chris Sherburn and Dave Mallinson and also Easy Anglo 1-2-3 by Gary Coover. I have tinkered with them and been able to play a couple of simple songs on one hand and have fallen in love so I've now decided to really put some work in and get practicing and really get acquainted with my Honher as I have finally found an instrument I love. Any suggestions appreciated for learning at my level or future. Thanks guys and look forward to chatting with you all.
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