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  1. I bought a "Swan" concertina from McNeela several months ago, and they charged me the price listed on the website plus a 19 euro shipping fee (shipped to California), no tax or import duty fees.




    A word of caution though: I recently contacted McNeela about their trade-in policy for upgrading to a nicer concertina, and they informed me that my several-months-old Swan concertina I just bought from them would only be worth about 35% of its original value as a trade-in toward a nicer instrument. I believe other makers (concertina connection, handmade models from irish concertina company, etc) offer a 100% trade-in toward higher end models.


    Out of curiosity, which instrument are you interested in?

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  2. It reminds me of a famous "experiment" where Joshua Bell busked for passers-by in D.C. and virtually every single person ignored him, despite being arguably one of the most talented musicians on the planet:



    There's also beautifully written article on this here:



    So, (sadly) most people do not really listen at all!

  3. You've got a lovely collection of instruments here, Mike! Thanks for the information.


    The number of keys in your descriptions don't seem to agree with the 4 concertinas in the center of the first picture, is it possible you were describing the instruments in this picture instead?


    concertinas 3.jpg

  4. from the ebay description (from Feb 2022) of this concertina:



    This Concertina is not functional & needs restoration. The bellows appear to leak, it does make noise but the buttons do not change the notes. There is damage to the filigree and there is some light cosmetic wear.  PROJECT PIECE!! Please see photographs.


    Joey: can you comment on whether this instrument was repaired, and by whom?

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