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  1. I absolutely think that's it! Thank you! Patrick
  2. Hah, I responded in that thread back in 2013! So much has changed since then! I remember looking for the PDF files a few years back without success, so figured I'd just ask here as the quickest way. The pages I'd printed out have become unusable, so it's like.. time to look for them again! Patrick
  3. A few years ago Juliette Daum had made available some PDF file of 1800s concertina transcriptions of a lot of songs. Does anyone know where I can find those? Patrick
  4. Thanks, Fane! Yeah, a $1,000 battery powered amp is out of my price range, and more than I'll be making with the band anyway. A buddy gave me a Squier SP10 amp, evidently they are cheap, that I can use where there's electricity. Playing with the amp, and sound from the concertina itself, the band had to ask me to turn it down but even on top volume it wasn't too overpowering. Just gotta find a battery one for when we play and there's no electricity. I've seen these Pignose? ones. Anyone have thoughts on that? Patrick
  5. I play in a band (videos provided if desired), and with the drums, the bass, the guitar, and the accordion it's hard to be loud enough. I switched to playing my niece's Stagi (previously mine, but on temporarily loan back to me), so that I can get some sound. But now, I've purchased the Feather-2 Meyers PIckups mic, and those seem to work just fine. BUT NOW, I need a portable amp. And one that runs off battery, as I play with my band in places without electricity. Any suggestions? I know there's a bunch out there, but any experience with them out there? -Patrick
  6. Al, someone put that book together in 1886... I'm sure any delay you have from moving won't really affect it much. But yes, Project Gutenberg would be a good idea too, but I wouldn't know how to do that. Some of the scans I'd seen needed to have a bit better contrast on the scans (no complaints, just an observation), and could probably stand to be rescanned. I would say a PDF of images would be a good distribution method, on the other hand a person might like to just print out a page or two that they found interesting. So, I dunno. Carry on with your moving, and we'll see you on the flip side of it!
  7. Thanks Alan! Take your time, as personally I did find the piece I wanted. It would be nice to have better scans in a PDF file of sorts. If they can all be put together, can they be distributed as a free ebook on Amazon or something? Now that would be interesting... Or even a $1 ebook?
  8. Never mind, I did find it here. Thanks folks! "Turkish Music" was the tune I was looking for. http://www.concertina.org/2011/04/08/the-concertina-book-of-music/ Patrick
  9. Would anyone happen to have the table of contents of the songs that were scanned? There's a piece I've been trying to remember, but I don't have the original files anymore. Does anyone happen to have the files from this? Patrick
  10. Resurrecting up an old topic, but would anybody happen to know where these pages are available today? There's one song I was looking for, but I've lost my printout and can't remember the name of the piece. Many thanks! Patrick
  11. I don't need another instrument, actually just got rid of two of them that I never play! Beautiful instrument, thanks! Patrick
  12. Is it still for sale? What color are the ends, and how used is it? Patrick
  13. I can't see any of the pictures, and for that I weep! Then again I probably don't need another instrument. Patrick
  14. Well, I figure it's time to move it to someone who will play it, or can learn to play from it. I'm far too gone on the English...
  15. So, you know, if anyone wonders if it's a scam... It's not.
  16. I have gone ahead and listed the Lachenal Maccann Duet on eBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251501860730 It's a nice instrument, though I never could get the hang of it. I couldn't fix the listing as eBay smashed it all in one big paragraph so here it is. Lachenal Maccann Duet concertina, 46 buttons. This concertina was restored in England before I purchased it. All of the reeds are tuned (I think to A440), and all of the buttons work. The serial # 1232 places the manufacture date to approximately 1896. The buttons have the notes stamped on the top, though some are slightly worn down from years of playing. It has been beautifully restored, the 6-fold bellows are in perfect condition, as well as the bellows paper, and the leather hand straps. The rosewood frets are unbroken, as can be seen in the pictures. The finish has some wear marks, which is to be expected on an instrument this age, but otherwise it's in very good condition. (I don't have pictures of the inside as I hesitate to open the concertina up unless I have to.) Looking through the frets the pads look like they were replaced during the restoration, but beyond that I don't know. Includes a hard sided case, as seen in photos. The concertina is a duet, with bass buttons on the left, and treble buttons on the right. The layout is known as "Maccann Duet", a well known and popular layout for duet concertinas at the time. All buttons are the same note on push and pull, much like an English concertina. The reeds all sound perfectly, and are probably brass. Below are two videos showing playing in and out on each note. Right Side: http://youtu.be/MlbcYdV0_Mc Left Side: http://youtu.be/GnQtsMgyciw I purchased this to learn how to play Duet, as I play English, but could never get the hang of it. I'm on Concertina.net, and an active (English) concertina player so feel free to ask me any questions you might have. If you're interested in playing an antique concertina, adding a Duet style to your instrument playing, this would be the instrument for you! (Note: This is not an accordion, but a concertina. It is similar in that the left side is the bass, but individual buttons are notes, not chords. If someone were an accordion player looking to expand to concertinas this might be a good option!) ________________ If anyone is interested an might want the full size photos, drop me a line and I can email them. (I don't want to flood the forum with all of those.)
  17. It's not a scam, but at worst is a small business who is in the business of buying musical instruments and reselling them making a profit. They watch auctions that the rest of us may not know about, or are just at the right place at the right time, have them shipped to the US, and then relist them at a markup. They do restore *some* instruments, just not concertinas. Which is probably for the best, if you think about it, as concertina restorers know what the hell they're doing, and they would probably just cause permanent damage to the instruments. With that in mind, bid with the idea that you'll probably have to have it restored to make it playable.
  18. Any luck selling it? I have a 30? button Lachenal, Crane Duet (I think), that I got a few years ago when I thought I might like to try Duet. It just didn't work for me as easily as the English, and I want to sell it as well. But is the market for Duets, especially antique ones, just flat? Would a better way to sell it be like the Button Box on consignment or something? Patrick
  19. My thing was the bellows. If you're used to different note push and pull on a button accordion, then an Anglo shouldn't be much of a switch. If you're more used to same note push and pull, like a piano accordion, then an English is easier to understand. Though actually going to a Duet from a P/A might be the easiest of all, I would think. Not all people are wired the same way though, so your mileage may vary. Patrick
  20. Huh, when first I saw the reply "If you think that $2750 is a premium price for this rare concertina, look elsewhere", I wondered why a scammer would be rude when a nicer answer would seem more convincing and help get in some bids. But now we see that it actually is a real seller... just one that prefers to be rude rather than professional. Would it be that hard to say "We'll try to have photos posted soon, but regardless of internal condition we believe that this instrument is worth at least the $2750 asking price so we'll be starting it there and seeing how the market responds. Thanks for checking in, and watch our listing for updated internal photos later, which I believe will reassure you that our asking price is more than fair!" Took me all of 45 seconds to write that; it just frustrates me when sellers are snotty, particularly since it's just shooting themselves in the foot. They're probably waiting for the instrument to be shipped to them from the UK before they can take photos of it. Patrick
  21. Antiquity Music is definitely a real place. I got my most recent concertina from them from an eBay auction. They seem to buy instruments from auctions and resell them. (Mine came from an auction in England.) They don't do any concertina restoration, and seem to know absolutely nothing about concertinas. The eBay listing will often have no more information than the original auction listing, though they're careful not to display serial numbers. If they list it too high, they'll relist it for a better price. I wouldn't say that they're a clearing house for musical instruments, as they do seem to deal with a lot of instruments (harpsichords, and a few other weird instruments), but I'm guessing if they buy an instrument on auction and resell it clearing a few hundred or a thousand dollars then they're doing well. The guys that work there aren't so bad, and they are making instruments as well. Just keep in mind that they know nothing about concertinas, and are passing it on to you. If you find the original auction price, make them an offer a few hundred over and they'd probably sell it. Patrick
  22. I come from a piano accordion background as well, and tried Anglo first, but ended up happier with English concertina. Not to start a concertina war or anything. Patrick
  23. By the way. "H" is B-natural, in German musical alphabet. Just search for "H in german music" and you'll get a lot of hits. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musical_cryptogram#German
  24. Yeah, Anglo... my eyes deceived me. Wrist straps never lie! -Patrick
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