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  1. Stephen found it! Exactly, with the case. https://reverb.com/item/6881748-bastari-english-concertina
  2. B I N G O ! Thanks, Stephen! That is it!!! Exactly!! Every photo and even has the case. OK now I’m getting somewhere! I am very grateful! Sue
  3. I wasn’t sure if photos could be uploaded, I took a few and will give it a go! Thanks, David, I live in NYC. I seem to have very large photo files and am limited … I can’t even post one…
  4. I have been cleaning out a storage room and found a concertina which we bought for my husband in the 1970s: it is a gorgeous, pristine instrument that was sold in a hard case, lined in a red velvety material. I remember he was teaching himself to play Irish, English folk music. It has no markings on the outside; ~2 straps, 2 finger supports looks like rosewood or walnut; ~24 white buttons on the left side, 24 on the right with an extra black button. ~It looks brand new, no imperfections. ~8 bellows ~6 sided ~Appears to match online with Wheatstone 48 buttons A friend who plays the concertina sent me; I suppose I need an appraisal and then perhaps I can make a sale. I would be most grateful for any info! Thanks so much in advance, Sue
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