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  1. I have found that the computer mapping in Italy is not perfect with regard to identifying the actual locations of businesses, especially in very rural areas (like Recanati), is often absent or incorrect, so maybe not such a surprise.
  2. I just received an email from the company and I am invited to visit and make a video. I still don't know exactly where they are but am really looking forward to making the visit.
  3. I looked up the address on google maps, and there seems to be another unrelated business in that building.
  4. I have made reservations to stay near Recanati in Ancona for two weeks in September. I have made contact with the manufacture through their facebook page and they told me to write to a different email address. I did, describing the project, but have not received a reply for two weeks. I also wrote to the Sindaco (mayor) of Recanati and they were unfamiliar with the company, which is odd, because it is a very small city. It's an enigma on top of a mystery. I hope that I will be able to visit their fabbrica and do some video. If not, there is an accordion factory in the same city, and several others nearby in Castelfidardo that may be open to a visit and a video
  5. Thank you all. I found an email address for the company and wrote them, but have not heard back. I'm considering contacting the local or regional government and asking for a referral. Street View shows the B√ľnner Musica location active in 2019. I wonder if they were/are a German company? The umlaut may be a clue.
  6. I'm planning a trip to Italy this fall for a couple of months of eating delicious food, meeting cool people, and making a few videos. On this trip, I'm planning to spend some time in Castlefidario, where there are a few accordion makers still in business. I have brought my concertina along on previous trips, and it's been a bit of a conversation starter. While the word would appear to have an italian origin, the instrument is mostly unknown. I'd really like to find the Stagi or Bastari factory and shoot some video there. I assumed it was made near Castlefidario but no one in the neighborhood that I have spoke with has any idea about Stagi. Does anyone know where they are located? Thanks, david
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