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  1. Is the 42 key crane still available, and if so what is the key layout?
  2. I have considered trading up, however, even with the trade in the higher options are still out of my price range.
  3. I have a concertina connection Elise Hayden and am looking to upgrade. I want to see if there is anyone willing to buy my Elise before purchasing a better concertina. $420, but taking offers Low A vibrates only when bellow direction changes other than that I have found no issues. In the US, but I will take offers from the UK if you are willing to pay for shipping I will post pictures of anyone is interested.
  4. I know this is late, but is the 46 key Lachenal Maccann still available?
  5. Hello, I currently have a 34 key Elise, however, the music I want to play requires notes I do not have. I am looking for a Duet concertina that has more than 34 keys. My range is around $1200 max.
  6. I have an Elise Hayden duet. I play from music that is not made for concertina (namely flute, piano, and sax) This music is not made for concertina, and thus has sharps and flats that don't exist on my concertina. I was wondering if there is a substitute for those notes. Should I shift down or up a few notes so the sharps and flats I do have can line up with the notes that need them or what? I am playing a lamentation so the small difference between sharp, flat and natural is pretty audible. Any suggestions help please.
  7. I have an Elise Duet. I want to play a lot of pieces but They all have notes that are too low or high even if I change the octave I play the rest of the song at. Does anybody have any methods of substituting said notes that they have been successful with, or any suggestions for sources of music? Thanks, David Audette
  8. I know this post is old, but is there any possibility you can provide sheet music for this on the Elise?
  9. Is there a link to this sale, I can’t seem to find it.
  10. Hi, I am looking for anyone in the Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire area who has a concertina they are looking to give up or sell. I want to learn duet, but I will use whatever is available. I would like to get one from an actual person because I would like to be able to feel it first. Thanks David Audette 978-850-2411 david01432@gmail.com
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