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    Metaphysics, I am a cartographer of consciousness, a vagabond of reality's farthest reaches, Grand Concert Harp and Concertina. Rochelle 2, 30 button Anglo Wheatstone.
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    South Wales

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I am in rural South Wales, Britain. I have played Concert harp for nearly half a century. I believe you cannot know one thing without also knowing its opposite, we could not know light without also knowing dark. For me, the concertina is the anti-pole of the harp, quite a different sort of energy. Lovely though the harp is, I miss being able to sustain notes or to be able to easily control the length of the note, especially staccato, or to control the volume of the note while it is sounding, all of which are areas of expression not readily available on the harp. I played a 20 button concertina in my youth, but when I married, my wife did not like it. I have missed it ever since, so, when my wife passed away in my arms, the first thing that cheered me was the prospect of getting a concertina and playing again. My quest is to find out how much classical music I can express on a 30 button Wheatstone. Yes, I realise an English or Duet would be more suitable, but I am stubborn and like the challenge 🙂

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