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  1. @Don TaylorThank you so much! Your reply is super helpful. I wish the Beaumont was still available but your experience makes me feel more comfortable getting a Peacock. I was wondering about the finish on it but, like you said, I think the cost for that upgrade is quite steep. That's very interesting to keep in mind how the reeds are mounted and that comforts me that the peacock are screwed in rather than waxed like the Beaumont. I really don't like having to do surgery on my instruments 😄
  2. I currently have a Jack English Concertina but I find that I very rarely play it. I bought it because I play the piano accordion but wanted a lighter, more portable instrument that I could play similar music on. Now I realize that I probably should have gotten a duet to start but they were much harder to find and more expensive. I've saved up now and done more research but I see the Beaumont Concertina is no longer available. 😢 If I can't find someone who might be looking to sell their Beaumont then I'm leaning towards the Peacock. What do you all think? I've read all kinds of things (the blessing and curse of the internet!) saying good and bad things about the Hayden system and 42 button models so I'm wondering if you all think the Peacock would be a good choice for me. I play many instruments so I'm comfortable and enjoy learning new ones. Thanks in advance. I guess one other question: the Jack concertina that I have felt a little "cheap" to me with the plastic buttons and if anyone has experience with it and the Peacock I'd love to hear a comparison as to the feel when playing. Does the Peacock play smoother?
  3. Hi, I was looking to buy a Beaumont Hayden duet concertina. I don't know if anyone here has one they'd consider selling. Please let me know if so. Thank you! I have a Jack English Concertina but I think the duet would be better so I can play more accompaniment along with the melody.
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