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  1. That's very reassuring, thank you! Out of interest, what was the cost of a new set of bellows if you don't mind me asking?
  2. Just had a listen on YouTube! Lovely work I have pulled the trigger on the Stagi, now really looking forward to getting it! I need to get my hands on a few more Gary Coover books to learn now!
  3. Thanks so much for your input! You have reinforced what I was expecting. The dealer is reputable, but only usually sells and services genuine instruments - so this is essentially a surplus instrument thats come in for them, works properly and they want to sell off!
  4. I'm an experienced musician, but a remedial squeezebox player. I have a lovely Hohner Pokework melodeon with lots of patching and mends and a Scarlatti SC-20 C/G anglo which I got used but in very good condition on ebay a good few years back. The scarlatti was stored up in the loft for a few years while I played my melodeon, I got it down the other day and the material patching between the cardboard bellows has begun to perish, lots of little fissures - the bellows are now far from airtight and getting worse with playing, making the instrument very frustrating to play. This is annoying, as I am purely a sofa player and really don't mind the cheap accordion reed sound, or the slower action. As far as getting a new budget-end concertina goes, would I be best with a new Scarlatti 30-button (eager to get some accidentals!), or a used Stagi I have found online from a reputable dealer? I would be quite happy with the Scarlatti if I knew the bellows wouldn't perish when stored more carefully, but if they are likely to, will the Stagi make a better choice? The Stagi is 275gbp, pics below. I am absolutely not looking for a genuine concertina or anything resembling a professional instrument - I just want something to bash out a tune with, which has bellows that don't leak air at the speed of light!
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