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  1. I have listed a Wheatstone on eBay for those who may be interested: click here If a member buys it off eBay I will make a donation to concertina.net.
  2. I have listed a 30 Key Anglo Wheatstone on eBay. Click here. Listing will go live at 21:39 (UK) tonight but you should be able to view it before then. I will make a donation if the succesful bidder is a member of concertina.net. Cheers. Vic
  3. Hi Bill, I sold the six sided (hexagonal) Crabb in June 2008 to a lady in Antrim, England. Serial number 18485. Built in Dec 1975. It went for 3672 Pound on eBay. Just as well you were cautious and did a bit of homework. Regards Vic.
  4. For those who may be interested. I have listed a unique and rare octagonal shaped Crabb Anglo on eBay. If you are a member and end up byuing it, please let me know so that I can forward a donation to this site. Click here
  5. Hi Vic, Prospective buyer was asking me if this concertina had dovetailed or screwed down shoes and whether the shoes are brass or aluminum? Best of luck on your sale. Greg Hi Greg, the reed shoes are aluminium and screwed down. Regards. Vic
  6. For those who may be interested: I have listed a 30 key C/G Wheatstone on e Bay. Click here. As usual, if a member buys this concertina I will make a donation to this site.
  7. I may be able to help. Send me a PM (Personal Message) by clicking on the "envelope" icon. Regards. Vic
  8. Hello Ben See my earlier posting - I have relisted. Don't go for the crab in the restaurant as yet. It might just be the amount you need to outbid the highest bidder right at the end. Regards. Vic
  9. PLEASE note: I had to relist as eBay removed the listings due to PayPal commission related issues. I decided to relist in such a manner so that the orignal end date and time are approximately the same as before. Crabb: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/40-Key-CRABB-ANGLO-c...id=p3286.c0.m14 Wheatstone: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/30-Key-WHEATSTONE-AN...id=p3286.c0.m14 Donation will be made to this site if the buyer informs me that he/she is a member. Regards Vic
  10. Came across this interesting collection of Boer Music (Boeremusiek) recordings. Click here: http://www.youtube.com/user/konsertina. This guy posted 9 video clips. Wothwhile watching a few (if not all 9 of them). Different concertinas (Anglo Wheatstones, Scholers, McCann, Crane). Gives you some idea of Boer Music. I noted that there is one non-Boer Music recording: Percy Honi in'Lily of Kilarney' - seems to be a clip from an old movie with an Irish setting.
  11. I sold this concerina on eBay in May 2006. The concertina was sent to Clare, Ireland. This seller is form the States. Same photos and fairly much the same description. Except that I did state the serial number in the listing. Likely to have been a scam. The serial number is 50980. I think the person who listed it knows something about the sentiments and opinions regarding 'over 50 000' Wheatstones! Interesting. Vic
  12. I am sceptical. Never seen a Wheatstone with the hand straps secured in a fashion similar to Lachenals. This could be a photo of Lachenal. The fretwork is hard to identify from the picture but appears to be a Lachenal design rather than a Wheatstone pattern. Ask for more photos if you are interested (including serial number, photo of badge to prove that it is a Wheatstone, fretwork etc). Vic
  13. Vic, Just curious on this instrument as I have never seen this before - there seem to be a mix of brass and aluminum reed shoes and a mix of steel and brass reeds, based on your photos posted on ebay. Am I seeing things wrong? If I'm right, do you know if this mix is orginal to the instrument? Thanks, David David Thank you for your enquiry! It resulted in opening up the concertina to answer your questions. In doing so, I saw that the incorrect photo was published on eBay. I have added the correct pictures. All reeds are steel reeds with aluminum shoes. Regards Vic
  14. For those of you who may be interested: I have listed a 30 key Wheatstone on eBay: click here As usual I will make a donation to concertina.net if the buyer is a member who buys it as a result of this link. Regards. Vic
  15. vic227


    I sold this concertina just over two weeks ago. It is a fraudulent listing. I have reported it to eBay. Stephen, glad to hear that you are helping the buyer to give it some TLC! And thanks for reporting it to eBay as well. Vic
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