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  1. Hello, I’m fairly new to the concertina, having been playing for around 9 months on a 30 button Stagi. I’ve been working my way through Gary Coover’s book, ‘Anglo Concertina in the Harmonic Style’. I’ve managed to get around half way through it, and like the 1a to 10 numbering system.. The tricky bit for me is what to do when presented with a piece of sheet music WITHOUT the 1a to 10 numbering system.. so far what I’ve done is write the numbers onto the sheet music (provided its my copy of course!), using page 11 of Gary’s book too, so as to make sure that I’ve got the right numbers for the correct key. My question is, is there a quicker way of ‘converting’ sheet music, is there an ‘App’ out there that does it for you for example, or some other tool? Any suggestions/advice, very welcome Hilary
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