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  1. Hi......? I'm Robin

        My main question is the 70% issue...............I just haven't heard this before (  I don't think)

              Actually bellows control is central to my anglo playing ......I have designed a layout and Colin D. has built 3 anglos for me. It's a somewhat changed standard  37/38 key layout such that MY anglo ends up playing a bit like a bandoneon, thus playing a lot more on the draw and less on the press to try to get longer legato phrases with less bellows reversals ( which I often try to avoid.)

         So, I often need to compress my bellow fully to get max. air for the phrase. Perhaps less so on my very responsive G/D, but the F/C needs lots of air for chords and my bass G/D Dipper could really use compressed air scuba tanks !.....I'm still coming to terms with this one.

                   THAT SAID..............I did try to measure my bellows use ( slow day in paradise here !) and pretty much don't extend the bellows over 70% most of the time. However , if I needed to I really wouldn't be troubled. I think new anglo players have other things to occupy their minds but I agree that bellows control is hugely important.......funny thing is I also play English and am rotten at bellows control, and melodeon, which I am great at bellows control because I keep the bottom strap done up to get more response from my reads.

        Did you mean 70% on draw and press ?

    Anyway, it's always a pleasure to chat with others interested in concertinas; I'm up here in Paris, Ontario.

                   Just added a couple of videos for interest.



  2. Hi david.........please let me know if this instrument is still available. I was talking to a bloke who dances with the Westminster Morris Men last night at a morris ale in Vermont. He has just bought a brand new Button Box T/T and fot not a lot more money I told him he could sell his brand new (!) instrument and buy what he apparently really wants which is a T/T Edeophone.

    Best Robin

  3. Hi.........I've had and have many concertinas and this is a nice as you'll find.

    It's starting on eBay on Sunday at $5750.....somewhere around 3500 pounds.

    Regards Robin

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