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  1. Thank you, THANK YOU, everyone for your replies. Your advice is invaluable! Mike Voss is now with a band called Mockingbird, out of Austin TX. They will be in playing in Houston on Dec. 9. The photo of the instrument from the Civil War era is great. It gives me a better idea of what to look for in the way of appearance in an instrument I purchase. I'm looking forward to my concertina journey and am so happy to have found this forum to help map my way. Thanks, again.
  2. Hello, beautiful concertina artists. I need your advice and assistance. I am completely new to the world of concertinas. I have been doing research, reading everything I can on the internet, including many topics on this forum regarding types of concertinas, makers, tutors, etc. I’m ready to find a real live artist in Houston, Texas, USA, who I can go to hear play, and who can guide me, or refer me on my journey to possibly learning to play the instrument myself. I have a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance and a Master of Arts in Music. I was an opera singer for over 20 years. I have taught music theory and music history and have conducted choirs. I play the piano and taught myself how to play the bassoon, the guitar, and the autoharp. (If you want to read my bio, you can go to my website at www.MasterChords.com, but I really only mention all this so you’ll know I’m not a musical beginner, only a concertina beginner.) My husband has become very involved in Civil War reenactment. In order to go with him on events, I have to have something to do that would have been appropriate for a woman of my age at that time period. I don’t want to stand over a hot cook fire, or wash clothes on a washboard. What I do is sing. So I’ve been researching musical instruments of the time period on which I might accompany myself whilst singing popular songs of the time period, art songs, and operatic arias. It’s not practical to take a spinet into an army camp, I can’t sing while playing the fife or bugle, and the drums don’t give much in the way of harmony. That brings me to the concertina. I have to confess that I didn’t know anything about the instrument until I started this research. (I did sing in an Argentinean “tango” opera once that had a bandoneon. [sp?] It really sounded neat.) That’s probably way more information than you need or want. I appreciate any and all responses. One topic on this forum had a response from Stephen Mills, member #442, from Houston, TX. Are you still there, Mr. Mills? Where can I go hear you play? Anyone else in Houston? Thanks.
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