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  1. Thanks for all Your help. One more thing before i become too much of a nuisance. My wife noticed that some of the reeds don't have their little leather flaps on them. i assume that they close when pressing the sides together so they won't note. What kind of glue is usually used on concertinas? i really want to make this concertina as authentic as possible and not use more plastic than i have too; if that makes sense. It looks like the residue is some kind of animal hide glue, like is used on other musical instruments. When i get the new handles i'll get come chamois to make the flaps and glue them on properly. Thanks so much for Your assistance and guidance. Dave
  2. i have a 20-button, red, MOTS (Mother of Toilet Seat) concertina made in Italy; i don't know how old it is but one of the leather straps broke on me after i repaired the buttons. i was on this forum back in Nov/Dec 06, but got blacklisted for some reason and my posts were removed. Now i can't remember what You all told me i had. i think it's a Stagi, but i don't know what keys it can play in, what the button layout is or anything else. i already play mandolin, guitar, some banjo, and a little bass and i'd like to learn to chord and maybe do some lead in notes (notes that lead from chord to chord) on this thing. Before the strap broke i heard a little of it and it sounded really cool (if i can use that term). Could i get some directions on where to find button layout and maybe a description of what i have? Thanks, Dave
  3. Done! i went to a local hobby shop and found the radio controlled airplane fuel line. A foot is overkill, the sleeves (or whatever they're called) are only about 9mm long. So, it's now fixed. Some of the buttons are lower than others, but overall not bad for a first whack. Now i've got another problem; on first trying to note it one of the leather hand straps broke. Not completely my fault, they're pretty old and worn where they come out of the palm rest. Are these sort of things readily available? If so, where can i purchase a pair? i'd like red ones to match the rest of the red MOTS of the rest of the instrument. Thanks, Dave
  4. Thank You all for Your suggestions. i'll see if i can find the model airplane tubing around here somewhere. It's not as difficult as i imagined it would be. i guess the hardest part is convincing my wife i'm not going to break it. Thanks again, Dave
  5. Hi, From previous posts i've made on this site i'm sure i have an inexpensive 20-button concertina. The buttons are all out of whack and are in need of extensive straightening. The inner-works appear to be in good (enough) condition but i won't really be able to tell until i get the buttons fixed. The buttons themselves are white plastic with an aluminum eyelet sticking out of them to slide onto the valve rods themselves. The main problem, as i see it, is that each button has a small, what used to be rubber, cuff that has deteriorated into a hard, crystline stuff that should be easy to remove but not easy to replace. The valves themselves are sealed with felt and the reeds appear to be in good shape. Like i said, the keys are the problem right now. i've taken a (bad) picture of my progress and have attempted to upload it as an attachment. Is anyone familiar with these kind of problems and where i might be able to obtain 20 rubber cuffs? Thanks, Dave
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