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  1. I received the same message from "JUSTRAKOP". My policy has always been - Never follow links in messages, go to the sites from your internet browser. This stops fraudulent routing to websites you would never normally visit by people who only wish you harm. Ian
  2. Hi Kieth, I have just found this thread and as pointed out by Peter I don't sign on too often. I live in Dutton between Runcorn and Northwich. I could certainly arrange some time to meet with you and try to explain how I've been doing it for the last 30 years if that would help. If you want to proceed that way please e-mail me on ian@igoodier.plus.net. I don't have the time to cmmit to a regular group so it would have to be an 'as and when' arrangement. Ian
  3. Hi, Only just found out about this question. Ian Goodier is alive and well and still playing. I can confirm that the address given earlier for Alan and Rita Davies is correct. I last saw them in the Elsinore during Whitby Folk week. regards Ian Goodier
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