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  1. Thanks to you all for spreading the word here. If it makes any difference, I'm also playing Anglo concertina as lead instrument on one track, and bit parts on another.
  2. Just had an email from Brad McEwen who runs the Millrace Festival of Traditional music in Cambridge, Ontario. "Even though you aren't here this year, you're on the poster!" Featuring my Jeffries Anglo... If I'd known, I'd have given it a bit of a polish! (Mary and I played at the festival last year, and hope to be back there in 2013)
  3. It was a bit snowy, but the main reason was having the time, being at home for nearly two weeks of Christmas holiday with not a lot to do. And having finally got around to setting up the camera, finding some video editing software I could use and understand (avidemux, works a treat) and generally learning how to do everything - once we'd started there was no stopping us....! There's another song or two in the can that I haven't uploaded yet, and there will be more. Anahata
  4. P.S. Concertina players (especially Anglo) might be interested in this too, if you haven't spotted it under "related" or visited my YouTube channel: Anahata
  5. For anyone else who'd like PDFs, I've put them on our web site - there aren't any links to these elsewhere on the site (yet) but here they are, in the two part arrangements as we play them: www.maryanahata.co.uk/pdf/northernlass2.pdf www.maryanahata.co.uk/pdf/northernfrisk.pdf Anyone is welcome to use them, but if you get to perform them in public or pass on to anyone else I'd appreciate your mentioning where you got them from, and of course feel free to make improvements... Anahata
  6. I had this, and I've never had a PM on concertina.net before, so I wasn't sure of the expected protocol. I DID click the link and got a captcha screen. Fair enough, I thought - I typed in the letters and numbers shown on the graphic and got... another captcha screen! After the second time, I got suspicious and noticed the .ru domain. I'm using Google Chrome, and I have Sophos AV installed - no signs of any malware attacks, but I may have unwittingly assisted someone's script to get though another site's "captcha" mechanism. I've heard of this technique being used before. The next thing I did was change my password for this site... No harm done, I think. Anahata
  7. That's a Castagnari 1-row in D and is a very nice box, though it doesn't have the lovely bass "grunt" of the Hohner 1-rows. Anahata
  8. I think it must be this one: Hello, just discovered this thread... Yes, it's the Oakwood as pictured in the message above. I can't say the sound from a small digicam-with-video on YouTube is a fair representation of anything... but the Oakwood is loud and bright, and in real life several people have commented on how nice it sounds. I have a Saltarelle also in D/G that I use mostly for song accompaniments, and 1-rows in various keys. And an Anglo concertina or course - so I am allowed in here !!! Anahata
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