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  1. Nice old Jones Rosewood ends. Good condition. $1300.
  2. Im intrerested. Could I get some samples please. Send them to mthatcher61@gmail.com Thank you Mark
  3. For Sale: a Clover 30b C/g Anglo, natural stained bought new from the Button Box last year. Its had very little playing time on it. Comes in a new custom fitted case also purchased from the Button Box. Asking $1,800.00 shipped and insured. Item is now listed on ebay as well. Prefer to sell it here and will make appropriate donation to the cause. Thanks Mark
  4. Make that budget around $2000 ish. Anything more than that and I'll go with a new Clover.
  5. Hello everyone I'm looking for a 30b CG Anglo hybrid or low priced English maker. Working with a budget around $1500'ish'. I live in the states. I havent had a good player in over a year and I'd dearly love to get squeezing again. If you have one your thinking on selling please let me know. I'll respond to all emails at: mthatcher61@gmail.com Thank you Mark
  6. The only other thing I would be confused about is there are four reeds out of their place. How do I know which one goes where? I have seen jigs where air can be blown/or sucked through the reed to determine what note it is, and then one can figure out where it goes, but I dont have anything like that. I dont think I could figure it out. I would rather leave it to someone with the proper tools and experience.
  7. Thanks guys. I am hesitant to try and do it myself because there are like 4 reeds rattling around in there. I dont know how I would know which one goes where, so if possible I would rather hope to have someone with some experience do it. I called Robbies and he didnt seem to enthused to work on a concertina. We'll see I guess.
  8. Hello, I was a bad concertina owner this summer and left my Stagi 30b C/G in my car one day and the wax got too warm and some of the reeds were released. Does anyone know of a local shop that can sort the reeds and wax them back in? I am in northern New Jersey near the NY State border. Is this a procedure that a rank amateur like myself can do? Thanks Mark
  9. Ordered mine yesterday Gary. It is due to arrive on Monday. Thank you for filling a much needed niche.
  10. Gary, I'm enjoying the videos every day. I ordered the book yesterday. Very much looking forward to working through it. I have been waiting for something like this.
  11. Hi Jody , I would love to meet up on one of the days your in Mahwah or Ramsey. I will PM you my contact info. Thanks.
  12. Just in case anybody has tried the same thing and come across buttons like mine, I finally had a Eureka moment and the clouds parted and I was able to easioly take off the tops line up the buttons straddling their respective locations on the levers and replace the tops. All one has to do is: take 2" packing tape, any kind will do, and before you take the tops off put the tape over the buttons. When the top is removed the buttons come with it. When you want to put the top and buttons back on place the buttons back through the holes of the top plates so they are held in place by the tape again. Reposition the top plate back over the concertina and lightly and gently reseat the buttons over their respective levers. Voila, ready to screw the top back on. Remove the tape. I wish I would have thought of this back when I first started fixing this.
  13. I have a good 50's serial number Wheatstone 30b CG (aluminum reeds, 8 fold black bellows) that I'm looking to trade for a Morse Ceili. Ive come to the conclusion that I like the sound of the accordian reeds better than the concertina reeds. I remember Bertram Levy saying something similar last year at the workshop he gave for the Button Box. Bertram plays Old Time tunes and he prefers his old beat up Stagi to a good old Wheatstone or Jeffries for that style of music. I thought he was crazy but I got an old beat up Bastari off of ebay and fixed it up and for the tunes I play it sounds to my ear better than the Wheatstone. The Bastari plays like crap but the sound is there. So, I want something that has the sound I'm looking for but plays like the Wheatstone. If anyone is interested and wants some pics send me an email to mthatcher61@gmail.com Thanks Mark
  14. I wouldnt mind finding a decent Anglo player /teacher to show me a couple of things. I'm in Northern New Jersey in the Bergen/Passaic areas. Thanks Mark
  15. Hi Ben, it says it ended with no bids, I assume someone from Cnet pounced on it?
  16. ApprenticeOF, I am assuming the score is written in G? That sounds very interesting. I would love to hear it when you get it 'down'. I think in a song like 'In the Mood' the dynamics and accents will be everything. It is such a fun song to listen too it will be great to play.
  17. Nice! I agree with Dirge, just a little chordal accompaniment in the right places and she'll be ready for the hop. I would love to work up an arrangement of Glen Miller's "In the Mood".
  18. Thanks Bertram. I understand and will try these exercise and apply them to the tune. Mark
  19. On the first page of study 2 "Shooting Creek" in Bertram's new book, specifically in measure 2 there is a two note "couplet as indicated by the slur, then the next three notes as another group". I know this would be a simple change in direction of the bow if I was playing it on a fiddle. But by direction in the tutor it is not a change in direction of the bellows. How do I accomplish these two slurs? Thanks
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