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  1. Many thanks to Earl, Peter, Ross, Dana, and Chris (so far) for these excellent words of advice. I'll be looking for taller and maybe longer palm rests, and I'll compare the distances from palm rests to buttons between various instruments. I will also look for previous posts about changing the height of the rails or rests (any help with terminology is also appreciated). This is a great board! Ken
  2. Greetings to all here, and please forgive me if you are already tired of this question: I've decided to take the plunge. I play quite a few instruments and have some music degrees. I've been an Irish fiddler for many years. I'd like to play some sessions with the Anglo concertina. Problem: I have very big hands, long and wide but not thick. Over the years I have held a few anglos that were comfortable and some that were just too cramped to play. I recall that some very inexpensive 20 button models in Clare were very roomy. Are there any brands that would be easier for me to play on? Price is not going to stop me (this time). Any other advice for a pre-beginner is welcomed!
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