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  1. WHEATSTONE 40 KEY AEOLA C/G No: 58842 £2,500.00 In very good condition and tune (A440) with sound unpatched bellows and airtight action. I bought it a couple of years ago with the intention (with 40 keys) of playing outside the home keys and using more innovative chords and fingerings on runs, but I can't, and still only use the 32 buttons as found on my much older Linota. 30 + years ago when I owned a 38(?) key Crabb I did use more of the alternative and additional buttons but now I am accepting my limitations as an intuitive player and selling the Aeola - hopefully to someone who will make better use of it than me. The Aeola was once owned and played by Yvonne Griffin whose initial is on the front of the serviceable case and whose name is inside the lid. I hope that it will be of interest to a player rather than a collector or dealer which is why I'm selling it here rather than Ebay although a similar Aeola sold recently in Australia for £2750! Postage would be around £15 in the UK or you can collect the concertina from me.... I work near Ely, in Cambridgeshire and you can come and see the instrument most any day; contact me by email first. I'll also be glad to answer any questions on the forum if the answers are of general interest.
  2. Does anyone know anything about this Instrument from Magginisupplies? David http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...A:IT&ih=002
  3. Steve Makes fabulous concertinas; you would be hard pressed to choose between a 'Dickenson' and a Dipper. They bear no resemblance whatsoever to the Wheatstones of the 50's and 60's and are of the quality of the top Wheatstone period, top quality instruments..... although they seem expensive, if you take inflation into account, they are not rerally any dearer than the best quality instruments produced in the 1920's
  4. At last I have found the time to swap the reeds over in position (which also changes Push to pull) and I find that the different timbre is still present in the same position but with the changed reeds. So the reed is eliminated as culprit, and, as other 'duplicate notes sound identical on push and pull (and silmilar notes in different positions on my other Wheatstone are also identical) the 'problem' must be with the chanber / airhole, so I'll just have to live with it. I suspect that I am much more aware of the difference than someone listening, although my son (a recording engineer) picks it up every time! Problem will be eliminated eventually when Steve D builds me a new concertina! Thanks for all your comments; hope to meet some of you at Stowmarket at the beginning of September. David
  5. I have a 30 key G/D Norman with Wheatstone top row - it is bright and very quick. Much better value than the average Lachenal. What are your extra notes at the beginning and end of the G row and at the beginning of the D row? David
  6. Thanks folks for your helpful and thoughtful comments. I will try switchng the reeds in position which will also reverse their direction and will settle both the push / pull question and also the actual location. Thank Again, David
  7. I have a Wheatstone Linota circa 1928 - originally in Ab / Eb but now in G/D. Everything is in apple pie order, except for two notes (in the same chamber) which whilst in tune have a very different tone to their 'home row' alternative. The key in question is the 2nd top row right hand which sounds D on the pull and E on the push but when compared with the main row notes (D on the push ( 3rd button) and E on the pull (4th button)) sound 'pinched' The link below will take you to a small MP3 sound sample. The notes sound in this order: Good D (main row) - Dodgy D (top row) - Good E (main row) - Dodgy E (top row). http://homepage.ntlworld.com/mepaloutdoorc...0sample%20A.mp3 (You'll need to copy and paste the address into your browser as I can't seem to be able to insert it as a link) Can anyone explain (a) why the notes sound different whilst they are pitched exactly the same an ( can this be remedied..... and how? Thanks David Concertina_sound_sample_A.mp3
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