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  1. The piano technician software / app TuneLab (which i use professionally on pianos) does, I believe, some of what you are after. You can’t capture a graph, but you have real time spectral analysis so you can watch the partials drift. It is a professional software for professionals and as such is priced like it (I believe I paid $500/$600 a handful of years ago). If you think it might fit see if you can find a piano tech who will let you play around with it first (or if your in the PNW I’d meet up). Harlan
  2. That's fine. Apologies all as well, we can continue on personal message.
  3. The ~$16 shipping works for me, I'm not in a rush hurry. A tracking number would be good so I know when it's coming and can be around. Paypal is fine, I'll send you my info in a DM. Harlan
  4. Thank you all for the additional info! Yes I am definitely still interested. Should be able to get them playing, and If nothing else will harvest them for parts when a client with a beloved Bastari/Stagi needs some work. Thanks again! Harlan
  5. Hello! I'd be interested in taking these boxes off your hands. What are the issue/s with them? I'm located in Seattle WA, what would the shipping look like? Thanks much, Harlan
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