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  1. Who am I? (I still wonder that)


    Dave I am the Jim who on sunday morning asked you if you could remember the words to "I use to work in Chicago"


    Allison, I'm sure you would recognize me but I don't think we talked this weekend.


    I play english concertina, and recently started on a d/g melodeon.


    Ill have to add my C.net name to my button next year.


    All the best. JIm

  2. Happy New Year!


    I am a new member living in New England. I have been contemplating getting a concertina for a while now. After doing some research (and reading quite a bit of the archives of concertina.net, thank you all) I decided to test the waters by getting a Jackie. My brain seems to be happy with the the EC layout. The Jackie is wonderful but I would like to upgrade.


    I will be playing mostly for myself, I would probably be risking life and limb if I tried to play with anybody else. I read music and have played the piano accordion with free-bass before (all 37 lbs of it).


    I am trying to decide whether to go for a baritone or a treble concertina. From the recordings I have heard I like the timbre of the baritone a lot. Also I get the impression the the higher end of the treble is not used that much. When I have heard the top end of an EC, it has made me think of "music for bats", perhaps a sign of the state of my ears. So I am leaning towards a baritone. Are there any gotchas? (I am expecting it to be perhaps a bit larger and heavier than a treble.) Is it going to be much slower to speak?


    The options for a baritone EC that I have found are the Morse Albion, Harry Geun's baritone and vintage concertinas. Any other options I have not mentioned?






    Personally I find the lower tone of the baritone more pleasing to my ear. I got a Morse ec baritone last year and like it a lot. Your not far away from the Button Box, take a ride up there some time and try them both out. There the same size and about the same weight.

    I play contra dance music with a group of friends. The baritone helps separate the concertina from the violins. If I played treble it would be hard to hear myself play.

    Aside from that I find the pitch of the baritone more pleasant, the down side is the bottom notes require more air, but you know this already.

    Good luck. Jim

  3. Just wanted to say how much fun I had at NESI this past weekend.

    As a new (and isolated) concertina player it was overwhelming and incredibly inspirational to encounter so many other players, and to learn about this site.

    I kind of felt like the alcoholic who wanders into there first AA meeting, Hi my name is Jim and I'm a concertina player.

    I stayed around to the bitter end on Sunday and was a little disappointed others couldn't stay, but can't wait till next year.

    All the best Jim

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