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  1. The reeds are Italian "a mano" accordion reeds. Can't wait to get started!
  2. Very nice. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!
  3. The kit arrived yesterday and we picked it up from the post office today. I can't wait to start assembling it, but have to get Christmas and New Year out of the way first. I'm thinking of keeping a photo journal to document the process of building the kit and will surely post when complete (if I manage it!). I can't recommend Concertina Connection enough. Karen and Wim Wakker had this delivered to me with custom bellows in less than half the time originally indicated. I hope I can do them justice by building the instrument!
  4. Beautiful! It must be amazing to receive that call after 48 months!
  5. I've a Clover kit coming from Wim Wakker at Concertina Connection. I'm really looking forward to building it and seeing how it compares with the Morse. I love my Morse - I was using an old Stagi while the Morse was recently retuned and serviced and it really made me appreciate the mid-level hybrids when I got the Morse back! I recently spoke with Koot Brits about a 40 button 12 sid...

  6. Hi Piet,

    Great videos on YouTube!

  7. That would be fantastic George - How about Concertina Library - www.concertina.com? It seems to be the repositry for all things concertina!
  8. Happy Birthday! Noticed you're in South Africa - I spoke with Koot Brits last weekend about the edeophone 40 button anglo Piet Visser was playing in his video of The Old Barn. I love your tradtional style!

  9. I agree with you John in most cases! I don't want to play in the Boer style all the time, I was just hoping there may be a repository of tunes for me to explore in my own way. I play Irish style music and also English style with chordal accompaniment. I've used American fiddle tunes, English Country Dances, Morris tunes and Irish tunes to further my understanding of the concertina. The Boer style being so chromatic looked interesting for exploring the keyboard further!
  10. I was hoping perhaps there were teaching resources used in South Africa that were not readily available outside the country that concertina.net users well versed in that tradition may be willing to share! I know that most folk traditions are passed down by ear, but there are volumes of tunes that have been put down in Irish and English traditions so my hope was it may be the same in the Boer style.
  11. Happy birthday Michael!

  12. Are either of the publications available for download? I've downloaded all the readers tapes, but would love to download the magazines.
  13. I find it strange that even though the Boer style of concertina remains exceptionally popular in South Africa and is played by young and old there appears to be a void of tutors in this style. I think it's a wonderful style and is released in recordings almost as often as Irish concertina! Am I wrong in this assumption? Can anyone point me in the right direction for Boer style concertina tutors? I think Bertram Levy's new tutor could help in expanding a players capabilities in playing chromatically, but in order to practice Boer tunes, it seems we have to transcribe the music from YouTube videos and audio recordings.
  14. I thought I may have to transcribe it myself. Just was trying to save myself the effort!
  15. That will be fantastic. I've all the readers tapes downloaded, but it would be awesome to download the magazines themselves.
  16. I have a very lightly used Hohner Black dot double ray B/C button accordion which I'm looking to sell to fund the purchase of a traditional reeded concertina. Is anyone interested or do you know of a good venue to sell such an item? It's in fantastic condition - I spend all my time playing the concertina and the accordion just doesn't get used. Please message me for pictures if you're interested. The black dot goes for $1100 at the Buttonbox. I'm asking $900 plus the cost of shipping - it comes with a soft gig bag. I will also include 3 tutor DVDs: Learn to play Irish Button Accordion with John Williams Learn to play the B and C Button Accordion with PJ Hernon Irish Button Accordion techniques with Peter Browne
  17. Wondering if anyone has the sheet music available for this tune http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_bW63U9R-k It's a Boer tune and I love it!
  18. Awesome Daniel! I have to say that I really enjoy the traditional stuff. I just needed to know what to look for!
  19. Found a South African mp3 store which has CDs by Manie Erasmus - Rhythmmusicstore.com Here he is playing - really great style! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35Mu9O6aGV4
  20. Thanks Leo. I'll try that, but I was hoping for cd quality recordings and I don't mind paying for them. It would be really cool if there was something available on iTunes or CDBaby.
  21. Does anyone have any recommendations of recordings of Boer concertina music. It's great watching the videos on YouTube, but I'd love to download and album or 2 to enjoy!
  22. Great tunes Jody! A real mixed bag with pulsing concertina the whole way through! What more could we ask for?! Highly recommended for all concertina aficionados. There are far too few CDs in styles other than Irish!
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