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  1. Just bought my new Willie Van Wyk Lachelle 40 button anglo and she's a beauty. My first "real" concertina. Fantastic instrument.
  2. Good afternoon all, I have a Stagi W15 C/G instrument with a soft case that I'm looking to sell. These are $900 new for The Button Box. I'm looking for $700 obo. It was a great instrument to get started on. Bertram Levy loves his! He just had new bellows made for it! Message me if interested. Thanks, Marcus
  3. I have a soft spot for the South African players. It's nice to hear them play without the midi backup that's used nowadays.
  4. I did that with the tunes Dan. It would be fantastic to be able to read it on the ipad and have all the links work too.
  5. Good morning folks, Does anyone know if it's possible to put the House Dance CDRom onto the ipad so I can read it and listen to the musical example as I can on a PC?
  6. Do you do terms?! I'm in the market!
  7. I am open to sensible offers for this wonderful instrument. I have my eye on something a little different.
  8. Morning all, I have a Morse Ceili in C/G with Wheatstone key layout for sale - looking to fund a new instrument purchase. The concertina is as new. It has been played in and was recently serviced by the Buttonbox. A new Ceili is $2450 - I would like to sell it for $2000. It comes with the original hard case. Buyer would be responsible for the shipping and insurance charges. Edited to add pictures Marcus
  9. Pictures will follow - sorry! Maybe a sound file too.
  10. Hi folks, Last year I purchased a Clover Anglo kit with the Wakker bellows upgrade. I built the kit despite being technically challenged, but have never really bothered to tweak the action and fine tuned the reeds. I have a Morse Ceili in C/G and I'm looking to fund the purchase of a G/D. I was wondering if there would be any interest in purchasing the Clover as is and completing the job? The kit itself cost $1400 with the Wakker bellows an additional $240 from Concertina Connection. I could split the cost of shipping via courier. Just putting it out there as an option - I'm open to offers. Thanks - I'll try and post a few pictures later on.
  11. Hi Morne,

    I was wondering how you learn the traditional Boer style concertina? Are there method books or would you have any suggestions? I noticed that your music is a little less traditional but I'm hoping you might have some contacts.


  12. Concertina Connection make great bellows. Bob Tedrow does too.
  13. I agree with Howard! I've never had to change the hand straps on my anglo and play it every day! I've had it for going on six years.
  14. Here I am enjoying the spoils of my other passion - Spearfishing!
  15. Nice instrument. I like the Salvation Army logo.
  16. Can you fit in a quick trip to Bermuda? I'm sure I could find somewhere nice for you to stay! I could do with a week long one on one Masterclass! lol
  17. That is a beautiful instrument with an unusual pedigree! If only I was rich!
  18. Just goes to show you don't need an expensive instrument to make great music!
  19. Thanks to my lessons with Jody Kruskal I've been exploring old time music and was given the website "Sugar in the Gourd" as a resource. One of the bands features on this web radio was Sheeshum and Lotus and I really enjoyed their fiddle and banjo album. I downloaded their newer album "Everytime!" and it's full of fantastic blues harmonica. I was wondering if anyone has experimented with the blues on concertina? I realize that any note bending would be impossible, but it might be interesting to try some basic blues. After all Bertram Levy did say that an anglo is really just harmonicas with a bellows in between!
  20. Happy Birthday Henrik! May you have many more - full of music!

  21. No video - only audio! And badly played at that! Excited to be playing an instrument I put together! That's my excuse any way!
  22. Let's see if this works. It's very rough, but it's the first tunes to come out of my homemade Clover - excuse all the mistakes! http://soundcloud.com/marcuss-concertina/testing-the-clover
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