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  1. Good day all - I am visiting the UK in December and was wondering if there are any concertina related things going on during my trip? I will be staying near Sidmouth and would love to get together with like minded folk for a little music.
  2. Hi Jim - can you offer an insight into how you choose chords for the arrangement? I had very little trouble learning the melody but struggle a great deal picking ways to accompany it.
  3. Morning all - has anyone seen or tried this - http://www.irishtunebook.com/the-concertina-diaries.php
  4. Jody Kruskal teaches harmonic style via Skype and I know Florence Fahy Carnevale teaches Irish style - I'm sure there are others.
  5. I think the tab used by Gary Coover and Jody Kruskal is by far the easiest and most effective of all the ones I've tried. Betram's is great too but I find myself thinking in terms of Gary and Jody's tab more often than not.
  6. I have to say I love the lack of weight with the Morse instruments. I recently played instruments by a few other builders and the difference between the Morse and all the others was incredible. On paper it doesn't seem much but every ounce counts. Of course there are alway those that think if an instrument has weight it feels more substantial - I'd take a Morse thanks!
  7. Still have this Stagi if anyone's interested. Make me an offer.
  8. I messaged Flo yesterday to find out about it but I've not heard back from her yet.
  9. Are you playing instruments in different keys? That is to say are you playing only C/G Anglo or do you also play G/D or Bb/F and if so are you playing them as though they are a C/G? My biggest problem is actually trying to read the dots as though I'm playinag a G/D - my brain sees C/G!
  10. Sorry - that was a silly question - I see the Morris influence so I would deduce it's a harmonic style. I've been having lessons in the harmonic style and it was always recommended that a Jeffries layout was preferable for harmonic playing. Strange that a large proportion of Irish players also covet Jeffries system instruments.
  11. I was wondering how many of us play both Jeffries and Wheatstone systems and how easily others can switch between the two? I have spent many years playing a Wheatstone layout and just recently acquired a G/D with a modified Jeffries layout. I am seriously tempted to have the right hand modified to a Wheatstone layout and have the other left hand modification undone so it is the same as my C/G. What are other folks opinions regarding the playing of modified and personalized layouts and the switching between Jeffries and Wheatstone?
  12. Sorry about the omission. I was trying to include everything but somehow PICA was missed! I think that to support an organization that promotes our instrument is valuable.
  13. Establshed in 1952, the ICA exists to promote the playing, music and history of the concertina. The Association publishes Concertina World magazine. Concertina World publishes articles on all aspects of the concertina: It contains interviews with young, old, new and (un)experienced players and composers, reviews of books and CDs, as well as news and reviews about important concertina-related events. The Association collects and archives music for the concertina. The ICA library is a wonderful collection of music that has been especially written or arranged for the concertina. Although all these things are available on the ICA website, our membership dues make the collection and dissemination of this information possible and guarantees that our niche instrument doesn't fade into obscurity! And it's another club we can belong to! We're all part of the Concertina.net family and should promote our instrument of choice!
  14. Happy New Year All! Just a quick reminder that ICA membership is due for renewal. Support our very own Association! Marcus
  15. Don't forget me out here in the Bermuda Triangle! +1 for anglo!
  16. Jody plays a modified Jeffries layout There's a low draw A on the left hand 2a accidental button and then there's also a thumb button on the left hand side which has c' on the push and g on the draw. My C/G is Wheatstone layout and my G/D is Jeffries - the adjustment is small but challenging. I'm actually trying to relearn how to read music for the G/D. I can play the tunes I know as though I was playing a C/G but they're in the wrong key if I want to play along with recordings or with others.
  17. I built the kit offered by Wim Wakker of Concertina Connection. It's a 30 button C/G Anglo. I ended up sending the kit to Wim for final tweaking. Building a concertina is a very involved process. I have very limited D-I-Y skills and found even building the kit to be a challenge. I would leave it to the professionals in the future! I do however have a much better understanding of how it all comes together and I have the satisfaction of knowing that my Clover is truly one of a kind!
  18. I have a Stagi C/G 30 button with a soft case I might be willing to sell.
  19. Willie van Wyk uses Perspex for his reed pans. I doesn't appear to affect the sound quality.
  20. Awesome Gary! Looking forward to having a go at those 3 tunes. I'm up for a copy for sure!
  21. I want to recommend this book highly. It's a fantastic resource. Only just delving into it but Ned of the Hill sounds great and the tab is so easy to understand. Great stuff Gary!
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