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  1. I'd agree with Terence - Gary Coover's books are great as is Betram Levy's tutor. The Irish tutor's are good even if in the long run Irish style playing is not for you as it teaches you where the notes are all over the instrument especially if you're playing across the rows.
  2. Wondering if anyone had a full work up of Homeward Bound from the Seaman's Concertina by John Townley. Great tune - maybe for a G/D but C/G would be great as well!
  3. I wish - I’ve got g/d # 952 which I’d love to trade for a c/g!
  4. Hello all! I've been away from the concertina for a while pursuing other interests and I'm coming back with a quick question for you... I'm very rusty after a long hiatus so I'm thinking I'll run through my tutor books which are all for the C/G anglo but I'll use my G/D anglo. What do other players do when they switch between anglos tuned in other keys? Do you continue to play them as though you're using a C/G? I suppose it doesn't really matter as I play on my own but I'm interested to hear what others do.
  5. Hi All - I have a G/D Morse Ceili anglo with Jeffries fingering that I'm considering selling - it hurts my head too much to try and play the tunes I know on a C/G on a G/D and I find the transition between Wheatstone on my primary instrument and Jeffries on the G/D rather frustrating. A new Ceili will set you back $2550 and this one is in as new condition. I would like to get $2300 but would consider swapping for a C/G hybrid in equally good condition. Please message me if you'd like to see pictures - I could even attempt a few videos if so desired. Thanks for looking.
  6. I've been using the Online Academy of Irish Music lessons for a while now and I really enjoy them. The Mick Bramich book is an excellent resource. I just ordered the Concertina Diaries and I'm looking forward to trying it out - I hear nothing but good things regarding it.
  7. This is not making things much clearer! I find myself playing the C/G far more as the pitch for the tunes sounds right to me. I like the sound of the G/D but the pitch of it makes playing tunes I know sound odd.
  8. Hi Derek - that's what I do at the moment. I've tried learning the correct fingering but find it incredibly frustrating!
  9. Strangely enough I do notice that when playing the G/D using C/G fingerings - the tunes feel different
  10. Good afternoon all. I wondered if all of you who play the anglo do so as if it were a C/G instrument. I learnt the fingerings etc on a Wheatstone C/G layout instrument and transfer that directly to my G/D - is this the correct way to do it? Or do I need to relearn where all my notes are?
  11. Decided to use the Clover and try the OAIM lessons instead of confusing myself with a different keyboard! I have a G/D anglo and that hurts my head after spending a few years on the C/G.
  12. Does anyone attend the East Coast school who could recommend the easiest way to get there - bearing in mind that I don't drive in the US - could I tag along with anyone?! What's the closest airport?
  13. How easy is it to get to the Noel Hill School - I'd have to fly in from BDA to New York.
  14. I enjoy the Concertina World magazine and it's nice to feel connected to a larger group! I'm stuck in Bermuda on my own - no other concertina players near me!
  15. Is this instrument still available?
  16. I have a 30 key Stagi C/G anglo in Wheatstone layout that is surplus to requirements. Looking for about $500 for it. Any interest?
  17. Any interest in a swap for a Clover anglo?
  18. Hi all - I have a Concertina Connection Clover kit which I built and had finished by Wim Wakker. I'm toying with the idea of trying the English Concertina and I'm looking for an instrument. Would there be any interest in a swap for an EC for this anglo? I purchased upgraded bellows to go on the kit and like I said Wim finished the tuning and button travel. It has a padded gig bag. Please let me know via PM or just by response to this topic. Thanks in advance.
  19. Happy New year all! It's that time of year again when we should all join or renew our membership with the ICA. You get an interesting little magazine and the knowledge that you are supporting the group that flies the concertina banner for us all.
  20. Hey Jody! Long time no hear! Love to get back to some lessons in the new year.
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