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  1. Got her back today! Thanks Bob at the Button Box for such stellar work and an amazingly quick turn around. Just in time for my Skype lesson with Jody!
  2. Got her back today! Thanks Bob at the Button Box for such stellar work and an amazingly quick turn around. Just in time for my Skype lesson with Jody!
  3. I was wondering if anyone has any experience ebonizing the end plates for the clover kit. I just ordered my kit from Bob Tedrow and can't wait to start assembling my own concertina. Any carpenters out there willing to share?
  4. Just purchased Na Fir Bolg by Jack Talty and Cormac Begley. I think this is the best recording of concertina music this year! These two play wonderfully together and the style is so relaxed and has just the right amount of ornamentation. The tunes are a testament to the simplicity of the old concertina style from Clare. I highly recommend this!
  5. So I have to send my Morse Ceili #451 back to The Button Box for tuning and tweaking. It's like a child leaving home! Very difficult to part with such an important member of the family even if only for a short while! Luckily I still have my original Stagi to fight with while 'tina's away! Come home soon!
  6. Just ordered mine from The Button Box. Also looking forward to resuming online lessons with Jody Kruskal again!
  7. Very nice instrument - wish I had the disposable income!
  8. Just downloaded Scan Testers - I never played to many posh dances on Itunes. Pretty cool what you can find there! I was hoping the new Sean Dwyer CD may be available.
  9. I've played for a while, but harmonic style is not what I'm used to. I'm not a complete beginner if that's what you mean!
  10. Here it is - a bouncy little tune "Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss" f.mp3
  11. I am one of Jody's international students! There's no such thing as an Anglo instructor in Bermuda so this is a great idea. The quality is great - obviously face to face would be ideal, but the internet opens up so many possibilities. I'll post a tune I've been working on after only one lesson - looking forward to the next one!
  12. It's great that high quality modern hybrid instruments are featuring in this recording. I'm know we'd all still love an original Jeffries - but we don't feel quite so bad when more readily available instruments are used to such great effect.
  13. I'm seriously considering getting myself on the waiting list for a "true" concertina, but I'm not sure which maker to approach. I play a variety of music both Irish and English and so I would want to pick an instrument that would be equally capable of either style. I was thinking of having something made very much like William Kimber's 7 fold bellows Jeffries c/g. The Jeffries seem to be just as striking playing both Irish and English style music. Does Colin Dipper make a Jeffries Style concertina - and has anyone played one for both styles of music? I see Jurgen Suttner has a 31 button c/g Jeffries style in his catalogue - I know it can play Irish style wonderfully thanks to Tim Collins and Michael O'Raghallaigh - does anyone know how well it can bang out a Morris repertoire?! This won't be a decision taken lightly so time is on my side! 5 - 10 years I guess! Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. Tim Collins is an awesome concertina player. I love his recordings and to see him play is fantastic. Thanks.
  15. I hope everyone has a wonderful St. Paddy's Day and if you're having one, have one for me! I'll be enjoying The Clare Set today - a wonderful gift from my wife.
  16. Hi folks, Due to the lack of support for facebook and myspace I have now uploaded a video to Youtube. Ihope you enjoy it. Marcus
  17. If you go to facebook.com and search for Marcus Kermode you should be able to see my videos. You may have to join up but it's a great way to meet up with people.
  18. Uploaded another video to face book - Banish Misfortune this time
  19. I love my Morse - however If I'd bought an Edgely I'm sure I'd love it just as much. If I had unlimited funds I'm sure I'd have many concertinas which would exceed my abilities, but as it is I have only one and I'm very happy with the choice I made. If you want a listen check out my video on http://www.myspace.com/marcuskermode As you can see the concertina far exceeds my humble abilities!
  20. Hi folks, I've posted a couple of videos on my Facebook profile - just search for Marcus Kermode and check them out.
  21. There's a distinct lack of Concertina enthusiasts on Myspace. Come and check it iut - maybe everyone here should sign up so we can get to know each other better!
  22. Nice DVD tutor - I wish there was a little more on the embellishments but watching John play Last Nights Fun is an awesome sight!
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