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  1. I also just play. I’ve had formal music training but I still just play tunes. I’ll play a few scales to warm up my fingers and then play the the last few tunes I was working on or a new one if I’ve heard something I like. I’ll go over bits that are tricky and then try out different grace notes and decorations. Scales and studies are useful I’m sure but I tend to just play tunes. 

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  2. Dana is such a giving guy. So willing to share his knowledge and time. His concertinas are wonderful - I know I love mine. 
    When I bought mine second hand he honored the “first tune up” that goes with a new instrument since it had never been back to him for it. 
    Dana is in this for the music - just like it says on his website and with a Kensington you can’t go wrong. 

  3. Good afternoon everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. 

    I was playing this afternoon and noticed some discoloration on the underside of my Kensington’s bellows and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to something I could put on it to keep it from getting any worse. 

    It must be from where the bellows rest against my thigh. 


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