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  1. Humidity here in Bermuda hangs around about 85% most of the time and during the hottest times around 95 to 99%.
  2. Price reduction to $2250. If anyone in the UK is interested I’ll be traveling to England in July and could mail it from there. I’ll be based in Southampton.
  3. This is really great and shows just how good a 20 button Anglo can be. Everyone strives for the 30+ button instrument but so much fun can be had with 20! Makes me want to get one!
  4. The Bastari sounds wonderful. If I’m ever in the market for a 40 button instrument I may very well consider one of those if I can find one!
  5. Sounds great! Nice job. The drone sounded perfect to me.
  6. Very nice - want to trade for a G/D Morse?!
  7. I have decided to put my Morse Ceili in G/D up for sale - I recently acquired a Kensington and no longer play the Morse. I never really took to the G/D. It's #952 and was made in December 2011 It's quick, light and loud as all Morse instruments are. I has a draw A on button 2a on the left hand side (a Jody Kruskal mod) but is otherwise a standard Jeffries layout. Comes with the original hard case. Buyer to cover shipping from Bermuda - last time I checked it would be approximately $300 fully insured via courier. Happy to do a Skype call with any interested buyers. I'm looking for $2500 - so with shipping you'd be in for $2800 ono
  8. Hey Gregor - nice one! What concertina is that? Is it the Vintage?
  9. It's a shame that some of these older cds aren't available digitally
  10. It appears the climate here in Bermuda is have an effect on the nickel silver ends of my new Kensington. The silver is showing brassy yellow streaks and I was wondering what the best practice is for keeping the ends looking their best.
  11. Momentary madness for sure!
  12. Just this week I took ownership of Kensington concertina #70. I am astounded by the quality of the build. It's such a beautiful instrument with a lightening quick action. I have been playing hybrid instruments for a number of years and the dynamic range of the long scale "traditional" reeds is amazing. I am loving playing tunes that I'd not played for a while and finding nuances that I couldn't develop before. I had the instrument shipped to Dana before it was sent on to me and he was amazing to deal with. He gave the instrument the tuning that follows the instrument from new, made me hand rests sized for my hands and went to all the trouble of forwarding the instrument to me here in Bermuda. What a gentleman. I would recommend Kensington concertinas and dealing with Dana. Obviously with any purchase of this magnitude there is trepidation but the whole process has been wonderful and I couldn't ask for more with this instrument. It offers far more than I will ever be able to achieve! Here's a couple of pictures and a little tune. Hope I don't embarrass myself! Tatter Jack Walsh.mp3
  13. I built the Clover kit a number of years ago and it certainly gave me a better understanding of how concertinas work but more than anything else it gave me HUGE respect for builders of these wonderful instruments.
  14. Hi Mike. I did look there too. I noticed that the shorter version was there. I managed to find the full version.
  15. Any chance this is still available?
  16. I have a 30 button C/G Clover kit - #51 The kit was originally $1400 and I paid the extra $240 for papered Wakker bellows. I sent the instrument to Wim for tuning and adjustments when it was complete. Comes with a soft gig bag. Insured shipping via courier from Bermuda will be about $200 link to videos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AlEFx1QogqiJgdopNsYlnllaBD4hlw please excuse the errors and concertina face I'm looking for about $1500
  17. I have a Stagi C/G 30 button - my first concertina. I has the usual Stagi foibles - it's a little breathy, creaky bellows and inconsistent action - it was good to get me going. Comes with a hard case Has to ship from Bermuda - maybe figure about $50 - $100 shipping Looking for about $450
  18. Looks like the vintage is using the DIX riveted concertina reeds https://youtu.be/3bmEYZBh18A still sounds amazing when the Irish child prodigies get their Hans on them!
  19. It looked as though he just cut and pasted the wanted ad and said he had one to sell! It didn't even make grammatical sense. Please contact kenneth.kron@aol.com to purchase C/G anglo - traditional concertina reeds Definitely a scammer
  20. I also received a message from darrenmorrison001 regarding my wanted ad. I felt it was suspicious too.
  21. I just thought I'd cast a wide net and see if there was anything available second hand before having a new instrument made.
  22. Hi David - I've been in touch with him. Thanks
  23. I am quite interested in a Kensington - anyone have one they might be looking to sell?
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