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  1. people just spend the extra 150 dollar to buy a rochelle instead of the horner d40. if you want to go with a stagi try rent it from button box first see if you like it. i own a rochelle and im playing it right now. i had it since oct. i never had a issue with it. it sound great and it a blast to play. just do not buy a horner.
  2. well i learning on the rochelle, it sound good and play good for the price. if for some reason you sway away from concertina after playing it, (i don't know why) at least you only invested a small amount. go for it, you will not be sorry
  3. wow, houston really coming out in force. that pretty cool. what level is the workshop and is there a link i can look at.
  4. test week in college. i don't want the concertina to make me fail a test but it still a hard choice
  5. i don't think i be much help since i just started to play but i lived in spring area. 25 min north of houston. i am very new to concertina and i'm working on punk since i'm a typical passionate college student, but if you just want to play around with one. i have the a rochelle and your more welcome to play around with it. i know it not much but at least you can try one out. p.s. i don't drive beacuse i'm poor and ecofriendly
  6. Check out Iva Nova, a Russian group using bayan in a rock setting. Try this track: http://dl.zvuki.ru/3/0106/mp3/8.mp3 I would bet you could find somebody out your way. There's a weekly session of Chemnitzer players out in Cary... That's even more remote than Carpentersville. There has to be an accordion teacher around. Maybe you could sit in with The Polkaholics from time to time. Have fun! i just want to say that band is awesome and im going have get my friend who a dj at rice university a copy he love international music. thank for the great link where can i get a cd that not a full russian website?
  7. well i just bought rochelle about a month ago being poor college student like you. it cost me 350 dollar u.s for rochelle and you should give some plasma and make up the extra 150 dollar if you are based out of u.s. you should be able to make close 150 in one month giving plasma and there should one near your campus. they just love poor college student
  8. well i found this. Includes Hohner 12X Accordion Hardshell Case This larger hard-shell black carrying case is lined with plush burgundy material with a gold Hohner logo printed on exterior. Inside Dimensions: 15" high by 14" wide by 8.5" deep it a case made for a panther so you can yous your inmagination to know it size. i play around with one a couple day ago it not to large and bulky.
  9. metal folk, yea this was one band that my metal friend told me to check out. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=92502553 one of their video off you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlknUe9K3WM
  10. i just remember about a movement in polka mixing it with rock and punk. i used to listen to back when i was 14/15. if you want a really good punk polka band try the shanes. i know there a little movement in this types music from ago. i enjoy them. links hardpolka.de myspace account http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendID=53130533
  11. well my friend are looking into metal for you. actually one my friend sending me a album of accordian player playing dead kennendy album fresh fruit rotting veg. but for punk you got couple of bands that you accordian, floggingy molly, dropkick murphy, munity, mischeif brew, pouges,guingol, bread and roses, and mutiny. also it not punk but it they rock They Might Be Giant i think you could mix it well with metal either accordian or concertina. if you look hard. you may find a younger player who can give you some lesson for what you want to play beacuse accordian player are in high demand for folkpunk. concertina are less popular for punk excepth when the accordian player pull out a concertina for one or two song. if you play from your heart. there noting but pure joy that will come out of your finger tips. peace out
  12. ohh.. yea, i ask a friend my who a metal specialist (dj) if he know any band that used a accordian for you. i try get back to you as soon as possible beacuse im guessing it been done and than you have idea of what to shoot for.
  13. up in houston area i saw a panther going for 320 or 350 at a pawn shop. i run across horner 3 row accoridian quite offen but i guess that beacuse there so much tex-mex polka going on. you should give a quick look at all local music store and you find someting you like. i think i may been person leo was talking about who working on punk on the concertina.
  14. you could take goalie to hold new level
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