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  1. 9 hours ago, TehRazorBack said:

    Had a very quick stab at one of the sections of it, have attached a pdf with Gary Coover tablature. Let me know what you think.

    It's really quite difficult to get working, even in the key of C. So many seventh chords! And so many off chord notes, like wanting an E on melody while you want a Dm on harmony; one really wants push while the other really wants pull.

    I think I'm a bit out of my depth helping on this one. It's gonna be a real challenge getting it sounding right on a C/G Anglo.


    Merry-Go-Round_of_Life.pdf 33.85 kB · 1 download

    thank you so much! 

  2. 2 hours ago, TehRazorBack said:

    Evening @cbuja,


    I watched this movie years ago. Shame I missed this tune, it's lovely. From the video's description, he is playing on a Hayden Duet, which would explain the lovely harmony he's getting. Looking at other available sheet music and chords online, the song seems to be in the key of Bb/Gm, which can be quite tricky to play on a (I'm assuming) C/G Anglo with accompanying harmony. Would you be willing the sacrifice the original key for playability?



    Yes I wouldn't mind making that sacrifice, as long as it doesn't butcher it too much lol thx for the reply

  3. On 2/13/2022 at 6:27 PM, gcoover said:

    Perhaps this might help a little, but it will probably change a lot of what you are doing on the right. It's best to try to arrange with both hands at once since you might not have the harmony notes you need in the same direction, and that's especially true of keys like F.


    Attached is a C/G 30-button transcription of Luke's playing on a C/G 38-button Jeffries in the key of F, which he adapted from the wonderful playing of Adrian Brown who originally played it on a Bb/F Jeffries. Posted here with Luke's blessing (thanks, Luke!).


    The lack of a high D on the pull is one of the more frustrating things about the 30-button Anglo, so the workaround in measure 14 is a bit awkward but hopefully not that noticeable. I suppose you could put that nice Bb bass note on the first beat by playing the pull D on the right an octave lower on button #2. Either way is a compromise, with luck you'll discover something else that works even better.


    This is a difficult arrangement, beautifully played by Luke (and Adrian), and well worth learning!





    Orange-in-Bloom-F-ANGLO.pdf 55.73 kB · 17 downloads

    wow! thank you guys so much! ive been going through your easy anglo 123 book and am a really big fan of lukes playing. 

  4. sorry in advance if my terminology is incorrect. i recently got a 30 button cg anglo and have been wanting to learn this song 

     ive gotten the right side down but the left side is a struggle. i was wondering if there was a tabs sheet or tips anyone could give about adding accompaniment with the melody? 


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