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  1. Free Reed Convention,Aberdeen 26th-28th October Among the guests confirmed are:- Jackie Daly Mary MacNamara Kate MacNamara Pip Murphy Katie Howson Robert Harbron Simon Thoumire George Current Bob Hay Doddie Murray Gordon Easton Fred Davidson With talks by:- Vic Gammon Stuart Eydmann Michael Wright plus...
  2. Another fine English style anglo player Dave Prebble has confirmed he will be attending.As per last year we will be having a instrumental and singing session at The Royal Hotel,Dungworth on the Sunday evening of the weekend, including our guests from Ireland and we will be carrying on with another instrumental and singing session on Monday evening at The Plough,Low Bradfield.Good cheap food will be available at both these pubs throughout the weekend.Andrew & Margaret Watchorn(fiddle and Northumbrian Pipes) will be doing a workshop on Northumbrian music at some stage during the weekend.Geoff Crabb and Jurgen Suttner will no doubt gather together anybody interested in the manufacture and repair of concertinas.Copies of the Clare Set will be available for purchase over the weekend prior to the official launch at Eigse Mrs Crotty in Kilrush. The toilets,beer and fine weather have been ordered.
  3. After much "badgering"from myself and others Neil Wayne will shortly re-issue on CD all the great recordings he and John Tams made of Irish concertina players and other musicians in the 1970's."The Clare Set" will be available in a boxed set which includes all the recordings plus previously unreleased tracks together with copius notes.The recordings will be officially launched at Eigse Mrs Crotty where Neil Wayne will give the Mrs Crotty Memorial Lecture.The CD's can also be purchased individually.They may also be available for sale during the Willie Clancy Summer School.
  4. Neil Wayne is in the process of re-issuing all the old Topic Free LP's on CD and I have been given a set to review including a CD which contains the recordings contained on both the Gordon Cutty & Tommy Williams LP's.
  5. Jurgen Suttner will be at the weekend en route to Ireland to attend Eigse Mrs Crotty.Thus anyone interested in the manufacture and history of the concertina will have an unrivalled oppurtunity to listen to two acclaimed experts Jurgen & Geoff Crabb as well as being able to listen to a number of superb players.
  6. Lots of well known concertina players attending as usual.Booking form attached.For more details contact me. BTMW2007BOOKINGFORM.doc
  7. Its not Salford but central Manchester.Full image attached.
  8. Whit Walks As I suspected, this photograph is of an English Concertina Band playing at a Whit Walks procession in the in either Manchester or Salford (see below).Whit Walks are largely confined to the North West of England and Lancashire in particular.Both Manchester and Salford had a number of concertina bands and many surrounding towns also had bands.I have worked in Salford and Manchester since 1979 and I suspect that the procession could have taken place on Chapel Street,Salford.The buildings look familiar and a building I owned, where my Solicitors practice was based, before I became a Full Time Judge in 1997,is nearby.The reference to Sacred Trinity could be the Trinity Church on Chapel Street,Salford.A larger and better image can be found on the website of the Manchester City Council under images.Search "Sacred Trinity-1900-Identifier 69158"I will take a closer look at the image to see if I can find any other clues.The Manchester City Archive is close to my chambers so I may go to have a look at the archive.
  9. Concertina enthusuasts travelled long distances(and one actually stayed the night at The Royal Hotel,Dungworth) to have the oppurtunity to hear Juliette Daum playing in the United Kingdom for the first time and they were not disappointed.Even though Juliette played a concertina she had never seen before(a tortoiseshell 56 Key Aeola belonging to Neil Wayne)her technical ability and feel for the music was very impressive.Her renditions of classical,baroque and modern day spanish guitar music was outstanding for one so young.The Snug at The Royal Hotel usually echoes to the sound of a gang of noisy middle aged anglo players, so an attractive young woman in our midst playing more formal music with great style was refreshing.Many thanks for Neil Wayne for arranging the evening and looking after Juliette during her stay in the UK.Could I suggest that you look at Juliette's webpage and order both of her CD's. The next Royal Concertinas meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd July.Anyone living within striking distance of Sheffield should make the effort to attend our meetings.For instance on Tuesday of this week Keith Kendrick and Howard Mitchell paid us a surprise visit from Derby.Keith on Anglo and English and Howard on Anglo played some lovely music and Keith made history by being the first performer to sing at a Royal Concertinas session. Contact me if you want directions to The Royal Hotel,Dungworth.
  10. Royal Concertinas Thursday 7th June 8.00pm Special Guest Juliette Doum Juliette will be our guest on the above date.Get there early and sample the superb home made pies and local Bradfield Brewery ales.No charge.Everyone welcome.Ring me for directions.My broadband connection is currently down so I am using a non broadband connection. Mark Davies Home:01142851479 Mobile:07850475067
  11. Dr Ian Russell the Director of the Elphinstone Insitute at Aberdeen University is planning to hold this event on the above dates and it will feature the leading concertina, mouth organ,accordion and melodeon players from Britain and beyond.I attended the first festival held in 2003 and it was superb.Amongst the guests at that event were Mary Macnamara,Stuart Eydman,Will Duke,Norman Chalmers and Simon Thourmire and other superb musicians such as Jacky Daly,Andrew Macnamara,Dan Quinn and Pip Murphy the well known Wexford mouth organ player. Ian is planning a top class line up for this event including many of the leading concertina players in Britain and Ireland snd beyond. Top class accommodation will be available.At the 2003 event I stayed in the University's guest accommodation, which was very comfortable with great food.Aberdeen is a vibrant city with its own airport.I am hoping to take a party of concertina players from this area. I'll post further information as soon as it is available.
  12. I tried to attach a photograph but it seems to have been too large.I'll try again soon. Mark
  13. We have a fortnightly music session for concertina players of all systems in pub near Sheffield.It largely consists of noisy anglo players but both myself and Geoff Wright also play English concertinas.We sometimes invite guest musicians(ie:Jody Kruskal,Mike Hebbert,Paul Walker,Richard Carlin etc)and speakers on concertina topics(Geoff Crabb)Neil Wayne is a staunch supporter of the sessions and always has something interesting to show us or talk about.Well known players and repairers Dave Prebble & Bill Crossland are also regular attenders.The Landlord is very supportive and the pub serves good modestly priced food,the pies being renowned.Contact me for further details.
  14. Pete(in the blue shirt)in company with Dave Prebble at the 2004 Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend
  15. It is with great sadness that I inform you of the death, earlier today of Pete Dickey.He was recently diagnosed with cancer and died at home in Chesterfield,Derbyshire.Pete was an enthusiastic concertina player and a great supporter of local music sessions.His passion for the instrument took him to events on Arran and in Swaledale and he was,until recent weeks,an ever present player at The Royal Concertina Sessions at Dungworth,South Yorkshire.He got great enjoyment from his attendance at the local Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend and was at his happiest in the company of his great pals Dave Prebble and Geoff Crabb.I received the news shortly after returning from the funeral and musical celebration of the life of Barry Callaghan.I will post details of the funeral arrangements as soon as they are to hand.
  16. I am very sad to report the death of my friend Barry Callaghan.He died suddenly whilst in Majorca playing at a Dance Festival .Barry was a great enthusiast for English music and played the anglo concertina and the melodeon.He was a stalwart of music sessions in the Sheffield area and further afield and played at the Royal Concertina Sessions from there inception.He was just about to release his tune collection and accompanying CD entitled "Hardcore English". I understand Johnny Adams of Village Music is to complete the project.Barry was responsible for making most, if not all, of the films of traditional musicians and dance performers in the United Kingdom in the last twenty five years.We have him to thank for the great archival film on Reuben Shaw and he was the person who very generously filmed the Concertina Concert at the English Country Music Weekend at Bradfield,South Yorkshire,some years ago and made it available for general distribution.He was in the process of completing the archival film of the Manley Morris Dancers,for whom I had played the concertina for many years.His company,his music and expertise will be sadly missed.
  17. Also note the talk by Geoff Crabb on Saturday afternoon.The Eigse Mrs Crotty is a lovely festival and no concertina player(whatever system he or she plays)should miss it
  18. Latest News Jurgen Suttner has confirmed he will be attending the weekend on his way to Ireland to attend the Eigse Mrs Crotty
  19. I came to know Gordon Cutty through attending Concertina Conventions in the early to mid 1970s.He was a friend of two of the players who I played with and who taught me namely Harry Beard of Coventry and Harry Hatton of Haydock.Lancashire.At that time I played mostly the English concertina.Gordon was a lovely man and great player.He taught Marie Robson and her sister to play.I will have some unreleased recordings of Gordon's playing,probably recorded at a Concertina Conventions.Neil Wayne of Free Reed records,who were involved in releasing Gordon's long playing record may also have some additional recordings.I am regular contact with Neil and will make enquiries.Email me if you want me to do track down some recordings. Mark Davies
  20. Andrew & Margaret Watchorn the well known Fiddle & Northumbrian Pipes duetists have confirmed they will attend the BTMW and will be giving a workshop on the Northumbrian pipes
  21. Jody's workshop will be entitled:- "Emulating fiddle and guitar styles for the harmonic Anglo player"
  22. Jody Kruskal will be doing an advanced anglo workshop over the weekend. Martin Ellison the fine English melodeon player is 90% certain that he will be attending.I am waiting for confirmation from other well known musicians and singers who have been invited. Booking Form attached.For further information contact me Mark Davies BTMW2007BOOKINGFORM.doc
  23. Harry Scurfield is the person you need to make contact with.I am sure he played us some concertina music from Ghana at the Swaledale Squeeze in either 2005 or 2006.
  24. I am the proud owner of the 40 key C/G eight sided anglo that Geoff made for me last year(or it could have been the year before?)and I have now got used to using the air lever as opposed to an air button.You have to get into the habit of resting your thumb on the actual thumb rest rather than on the lever because the lever is very sensitive.With a air button you can rest your thumb on the button and give it a squeeze to the left when you want some air.Its a very fine instrument and I have been playing it in the last few minutes. If anyone wants to talk to Geoff about concertina's and concert making he will be making guest appearances at the Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend and accompanying Neil Wayne,Bill Crossland and myself to Eigse Mrs Crotty,both events being in August.
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