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  1. Additional Guests booked and invited: Ken Woolfenden,Vic Ellis(One Man Band)Henrik Muller,Gerry Oakes,Harry Scurfield,Simon Ritchie,Martin Clarke & Dave Hunt.Tickets now available £20 per person up to 1.5.2010 £25 after that date.Booking form attached Mark Davies edeophone@aol.com
  2. The music from the Panchas Alvarez Ensemble was some of the finest music I have listened to in recent times.Felix,where can we buy CD's of the band?
  3. Due to an error, I missed two guests from the flyer.Iren Shettle and Ralph Jordon will be performing over the weekend and giving their illustrated talk on the songs collected by Lucy Broadwood.
  4. THE SEVENTH BRADFIELD TRADITIONAL MUSIC WEEKEND 16th,17th & 18th July 2010 Edgemount Farm Lumb Lane High Bradfield Sheffield S6 6LJ Located in the Pennine Hills in the Peak District National Park,this unique gathering features some of the best traditional singers and musicians Those who will have been invited include:- Singers: Jeff Wesley (Northants) John Greaves (North Yorkshire) Roger Hinchcliffe,Gordon Hoyland, Joe Atkins, George White, David Helliwell (All South Yorkshire) Members Of The Pennine Concert Party (Traditional Singers from the Holmfirth area)Dave McCracken & Hannah Hutton(Northumberland)Finbarr Wall,Jerry O'Reilly(Dublin) Chris "Yorkie" Bartram, Jan Kerr & Ellie Logan (Cumberland) Jane Livingstone,Fay Hield,William Noble ,Bob Auty(West Yorkshire)Paul & Liz Davenport,Roy Clinging,The Yorkshire Garland song workshop,Graham Walsh,Hannah James & Sam Sweeney Singers/Musicians: Rees Wesson, Mike Hebbert(Concertina)Roger Digby,Gavin & Julie Atkin,Annie Dearman & Steve Harrison,Shay Fogarty (Concertina,Dublin) Tom Driscoll (Concertina,Clare)Alan Day(Concertina)Jon Boden & Liz Giddings,Angela Crehan & John Walsh(County Clare) Craftspersons & Experts: Geoffrey Crabb(Concertina Makers) Dave Prebble(Concertina Repairers) With: Sessions In Local Pubs, Talks on Traditional Music, Real Ale Bar Weekend Tickets £20 Per Person to include Camping & Saturday Night Dance Contact: Mark Davies 0114 2851479 Mobile:07850475067 Email:edeophone@aol.com
  5. Tuesday January 12th 8.00pm General Meeting Tuesday 16th February 8.00pm-Jeremy & Alan Hague from Nottinghamshire-fine English concertina players carrying on the traditions of The Derwent Trio Tuesday 9th March Geoff Crabb who will fascinate us yet again with a talk about the history of the family concertina making business and the manufacture of concertinas Everyone welcome no charge-at The Royal Hotel,Dungworth,Sheffield,South Yorkshire
  6. If you have any interest in concertinas do not miss the oppurtunity to spend an evening with Geoff Crabb.Geoff has direct family links to the the invention of the concertina in the early part of the 19th century right through to the present day through the family Firm of H.Crabb & Sons to making concertinas under his own name.As usual we will have a few tunes.If anyone is travelling from afar The Royal Hotel serves good reasonably priced food and can provide good quality accommodation if you want to stay the night. For those of you who were unable to attend Neil Wayne's talk on "Northern Concertina Bands"in November you missed a fascinating account of this tradition illustrated with rare memorabilia and recordings.Jenny Cox made the long journey from Bristol to attend.Many thanks to both of them
  7. Royal Concertinas Christmas Bash Tuesday 8th December 7.30pm Five course Christmas Dinner with guest musician Dave Prebble.If you are eating the cost will be £20 per head.If you are not eating come about 9.00pm to hear Dave and join the session.Why not come a few days earlier and sing carols at The Royal on Sunday 12.00pm and The Sportsman.Lodge Moor,Sheffield on Monday evening 8.30pm.Email me if you want to eat or require directions. Mark Davies
  8. A lot of people have contacted me to say they will will attending Royal Concertinas to hear Neil Wayne's talk on"Northern Concertina Bands"so could I recommend if you want to get in to arrive by 8.00pm.We have a number of fine players attending from around the UK so a good music session is likely to follow the talk.
  9. We are changing to format of our monthly meetings and as well as having a playing session we will have a guest speaker/musician as often as possible. The next meeting will be on Tuesday 17th November at 8.00pm when Neil Wayne will give a talk on "Northen Concertina Bands" illustrated with memorabilia and recordings from his extensive collection.This talk is particularly apt taking into account the recent release of the superp Hawkwood Concertina Band CD.Food will be available on the evening. Our Christmas Bash will be on Tuesday 8th December at 7.30pm.A five course Christmas Dinner is on offer with mince pies and coffee for about £20 per head.If you want to eat you need to book with me.On that evening our guest will be that fine English style anglo player and concertina repairer Dave Prebble.If you are not eating turn up about 9.00pm. The more experienced players who attend Royal Concertinas have always been prepared to give guidance and encouragement to beginners so if anybody fits this decsription please come along.The area has an abundance of English concertina players who seem to be afraid to come out at night!Do not be shy!We would like to see you. If you intend to come to any of the events and are not a regular it would be helpful if you could email me.I will send directions and a map to anyone who is unfamiliar with the area.
  10. Apologies This should be in the Buy & Sell section but I do not know how to transfer it.
  11. I am offering for sale this instrument which I bought some years ago.It was refurbished and re-tuned by Geoff Crabb,the grandson of the maker and I had a purpose built case made for the instrument by Kevin Griffin of Glenbeigh,Kerry.I played the Crane many years ago and intended to start again but I also play the Anglo and the English so do not have the time to devote to it.The eight sided nickel silver ends are beautifully etched,which was a Crabb speciality.It is in modern pitch. The certificate of authenticity issued by Geoff Crabb reads:- "Octagonal Duet Concertina No 8986 having 71 keys,steel(brass frames)reds,8 fold bellows and of a sysyem generally known as " Crane" was made by Henry Thomas Crabb during December 1924 This information is taken from records that still exist Geoff Crabb July 2005 Grandson of the maker" Due to the size of the instrument and the case I would prefer the buyer to collect the instrument.I am looking for £2000.Please email me and I will send a full selection of photographs Mark Davies edeophone@aol.com
  12. You can now listen to some very fine concertina playing online at the ITMA,including Mary Ellen Curtin,Marty O'Keefe,Chris & Francis Droney,Hugh Healey,Katy O'Brien,Kitty Hayes and Jaqueline McCarthy and Tom Carey.Its nice to hear a wide range of styles.There are also lots of other great recordings available to listen to.
  13. Gavin I seem to have lost your email and home address.Email me on: edeophone@aol.com with you address and I will post a button to you.Alternatively if you are free tomorrow night the usual gathering of concertina of concertina players take place at 8.00pm at The Royal Hotel,Dungworth Mark Davies
  14. Derek Schofield's article in the English Dance & Song magazine from the late 1970's on the traditional anglo concertina player Caleb Walker(Manley Morris) gives a good idea of the tunes that Caleb played and learn't from Bob McDermott one of the original Royton Dancers who conducted the Manley Dancers from 1934 and also in the 1950's from Fred Kilroy.I was taught by Caleb Walker and still play a Bb/F Crabb concertina that he gave me that was given to him by Bob McDermott.I played for the Manley Dancers together with up to six others concertina players from 1976 until they ceased to dance due to old age.Manley is in Cheshire which is actually in the North West of England.Manley together with the Loftus Sword Dancers won the International Trophy at the Llangollen International Eistedfod on two occasions and always strove to maintain the highest standards both in their dance and their music. Dan,I'll scan the draft of Derek Schofiled's article and email it to you
  15. I am just about to leave Manchester to catch the plane to Shannon and will see Shay in about 5 hours as he is staying with me in Ireland and we will be attending the Kilrush Music Weekend(formerly Eigse Mrs Crotty).Dan email me and I will forward his email address on my return on Tuesday.
  16. The 2010 music weekend will take place on Friday 16th,Saturday 17th & Sunday 20th July.Please note the new date which has again been dictated by the availability of the Bradfield Village Hall.Lots of interesting singers and musicians already lined up including a fair few from Ireland.If you have any ideas about concertina players who may be interested in attending as guests please email me.I hope Geoff Crabb will again fascinate us with his knowledge of concertina manufacture.By the 2020 music weekend you should have enough information.gleaned from Geoff,to make your own concertina! Mark Davies email:edeophone@aol.com
  17. Don't you mean "our tiny Willie Week shop".What about your partner?He has rented that shop for many years before you joined him
  18. From information received a fair number of concertina players from Ireland and beyond will be attending the weekend.If you are going to attend could you make it known so we can ascertain if it may be possible to have a concertina specific event of some kind.
  19. Jon Boden(of Spiers & Boden & Bellowhead) I spoke to Jon last night who confirmed he would be in attendance and willing to perform throughout the weekend.For those who do not know Jon is a fine singer,fiddler and Maccann concertina player who has been a constant winner in many categories of the BBC Folk Awards over the last few years.Jon's partner Fay Hield(ex Witches of Elswick)will also be performing at the weekend.Anybody looking for accommodation for the weekend should book as soon as possible as there are very few spaces left.For further details contact me Mark davies Email:edeophone@aol.com
  20. This tutor was available to purchase from Salvationist Supplies in London up to a few years ago.You could also visit their old Judd Street premises and purchase Anglo,English and Duet concertinas from the shelf.I think they stopped selling concertinas in the late 1970's.
  21. As the Eigse Mrs Crotty Festival will not be taking place why not come to the Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend which is held in a beautiful part of England with some great concertina playing guests attending who include amongst other:- Shay Fogarty(Dublin)Anglo Gavin Atkin Jeffries Duet Mike Hebbert Jeffries Duet Roger Digby Anglo Alan Day Anglo Dave Prebble Anglo Geoff Crabb Crane Duet Jon Boden Maccann Duet tbc Roy Clinging English Steve Harrison Anglo Rees Wesson Anglo/Melodeon and many more Roger Digby will be presenting his Anglo Hour on both the Saturday & Sunday and Geoff Crabbs Manufacturers & Repairers Seminar will take place on those days also.There will also be other talks by some of the United Kingdoms leading authorities on traditional music Tickets cost £20 per person for all events including the Saturday night dance.Caravans,mobile homes and tents can stay for the weekend at no additional cost. We will start the event on Thursday 25th June with the Royal Concertina Players meeting at The Royal Hotel,Dungworth. Email me for further details and a booking form Mark Davies Home Email:edeophone@aol.com
  22. I have been communicating with a number of concertina players from Ireland and beyond who have annually attended the Mrs Crotty Weekend in Kilrush and it appears that many of them will be in Kilrush on the usual weekend,as I will be.I have attended every Mrs Crotty Festival since its inception and feel that the weekend should continue to be supported even though the actual festival no longer takes place.The early festivals were in my opinion the best with some fine sessions taking place.Would any other concertina.net members be interested in attending?
  23. Details of the guests attending and a booking from can be found on the Musical Traditions website.As usual many of the leading players of all systems of concertina will be in attendance together with concertina makers and repairers.I have brought forward the date of this years weekend so I hope it does not clash with too many other events.As accommodation is in short supply in the Bradfield area and it gets booked up well in advance of the weekend please email for an accommodation list.As usual we will start the weekend on Thursday 25th June with our session hosted by The Royal Concertina Players.For further details contact me:- Mark Davies Email:edeophone@aol.com
  24. We are holding our Christmas Dinner and session at The Royal Hotel,Dungworth,Sheffield on the above date.Everyone is welcome to attend for a meal and the session afterwards(we may also have a few tunes between courses!)or just for the session.Email me if you wish to see the menu and book a meal or if you want directions.A number of regular contributors to this site are regular attenders.We will be starting at 7.00pm.The Royal Hotel is a very friendly pub and the food is good. Regards Mark Davies
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