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  1. I have decided not to sell this concertina.However I am still prepared to sell a similar instrument that recently failed to sell on Ebay.I attach a photograph.This concertina plays well having been completely refurbished by Wm Wakker some years.It has new eight folder Wakker bellows.Email me for further details and photographs.I have three 40 Key Wheatstone Aeola anglos in C/G and need more some room to accommodate newly purchased concertinas
  2. Geoff Crabb will give an illustrated talk on the Crabb family's 150 years of making concertinas.As usual we have some fine concertina players attending including a number of well known players from Ireland.Email me for a flyer and a booking form Mark Davies edeophone@aol.com
  3. I have too many concertinas and need to find space in the cupboard.Wheatstone eight sided 40 Key anglo C/G modern pitch with eight fold bellows in pristine condition with an original case in similar condition No 57062.The action is fast and the sound is bright and has been played by me regularly.£2500-no offers.Email me for photographs.If anyone wants to try the instrument before buying I can arrange that.I will make the customary donation to c.net if sold via this thread.Email me for more photographs. Mark Davies Email:edeophone@aol.com
  4. Jack Whalley was a friend of Harry Hatton of Haydock,Lancashire an English player who I played with for many years.I have some recordings of him(JW) and other members of The Red Rose Trio on cassette both playing at ICA Festivals and locally in Wigan,Lancashire.When I find time I will send these to the USA, where Dan Worrall has offered to arrange for them to be digitised.I also recollect that JW and friends attended a Concertina Convention(perhaps at Kendal,Cumbria)in the early 1970's.Wigan was a real hotbed of concertina playing with good number of both Crane and Maccann players.The town also supported at least four repairers,the last one Levi Lambert of Newtown,Wigan died in the 1970's
  5. Not to be missed.Other very interesting guests have confirmed they will be attending so if you want a seat get there early
  6. We are meeting tomorrow Tuesday 18th January at 8.00pm.For our meeting on Tuesday 8th February Paul Read and Robin Harrison will be our guests as they are on a short visit to the UK from Canada.Everyone is welcome.The Royal Hotel serves good reasonably priced food and everyone is very welcome to attend.If you want directions email me
  7. Apologies.I cannot seem to upload the second photograph.I will keep on trying
  8. Geoff Crabb could tell you more about him but I met Len Jones once at an ICA Festival in London.He was a member of the Kensington Concertina Orchestra(see attached photograph)and was leading member of the ICA for many years.He had lost two fingers on his left hand due to an accident but despite this was a very fine player.His trademark pose(see the attached photograph of an early ICA gathering)was to hold his concertina with the two fingers on his left hand giving a V for victory sign.I have recordings on cassette of him playing in the Kensington Quartet(when they compted at an ICA Festival)and also playing at an ICA meeting Len Jones075.pdf
  9. If you cannot face a five course Christmas Dinner you would be very welcome to join us to sing play or simpy listen.If you do not know where The Royal Hotel is located email me and I will send directions.The music should start about 8.30pm/9.00pm
  10. Yes many years ago I saw one(eight sided gold plated fittings and buttons and brown bellows) being played in Liverpool by a concertina band member on the 12th July.I've never seen one since and I could not find any reference to one being made in the Wheatstone catlogues.I made attempts to trace the player through my contacts in Liverpool as I would have liked to have purchased the instrument,but I had no success.
  11. All concertina.net members and supporters are invited to join us for our Christmas Dinner at The Royal Hotel,Dungworth,Sheffield featuring special guests Roger Digby(Anglo)and Liz Giddings(Fiddle) plus other well known singers and musicians.If you want to eat a very good home cooked five course Christmas Dinner(you'll never finish it!)the cost is £19 per head.If you are eating we will be gathering at 7.00pm if you just want to come to the session we'll start about 8.30pm.If you live outside the area why not make a weekend of it.Stay at The Royal Hotel and attend Jon Boden and Fay Hield's Christmas Party on the Saturday night and then the famous Royal Carol Sing on Sunday lunchtime.If you want to stay for an extra day we will be singing carols at The Sportsman,Lodge Moor on Monday evening.I attach a menu and booking form.Please complete and return to me with payment. Mark Davies Edgemount Farm Lumb Lane High Bradfield Sheffield S6 6LJ Tel:01142851479 Mobile:07850475067 Email:edeophone@aol.com CHRISTMAS_MENU_-_BOOKING_FORM1.doc CHRISTMAS_MENU_2010.doc
  12. Wigan,like many industrial towns in Lancashire,was a hot bed of concertina playing.I bought many concertinas there in the early 1970's and got to know the last concertina repairer in the town Levi Lambert who I lived in an Wood Street,off Scott Lane,Newtown,Wigan.Like Bimson he put his stamp on concertinas after he had repaired them and I have seen a number of concertinas containing his stamp.Mr Lambert like many of the players in the Wigan area had started playing in local concertina bands. Wigan also contained some great Maccann players.The last two I can remember were ICA members Jack Whalley & Jim Topping who donated the Red Rose Cup that was competed for at the annual ICA festival.I also recall that a man with the surname Rigby was also a well known Maccann player in Wigan. Nearer to St Helens at Peasley Cross lived John(Jack)Molyneux the only concertina player(that I am aware of)who was awarded the Victoria Cross.I was told by my great friend Harry Hatton of Haydock that Molyneux has played in the Peasley Cross Concertina Band before the First World War and on his return from the War a testimonial fund was set up and he was presented with an inscribed Jeffries Anglo.Harry visited Molyneux occasionally and we were planning to go and see him again but he died I think in late 1972 Harry Hatton071.pdf
  13. Only two places left.Complete and email me a completed booking from if you want to attend. Mark Davies edeophone@aol.com BAND DAY FLYER 2010.wps.rtf
  14. A few of us had a chat with Dymphna O'Sullivan during the Willie Clancy Summer School lamenting the fact that the Eigse Mrs Crotty no longer took place.I understand that the Kilrush CCE are organising a traditional music festival over the usual weekend ie 13th,14th & 15th August and there are going to be music classes including the concertina.I undertook to try to get as many concertina players there as possible and in Ireland D O'S and a few others will try to create some interest.So if you are considering going over please let me know.You should be able to get accommodation fairly readily.I may have some room at my house in North Clare but you will need your own transport.Although last years weekend not as lively as the old Eigse we had a few good sessions in Buggles,Crotty's and O'Brien's(?) PS:The large gap in this posting is caused by a "font type" box appearing as I type.How do I get rid of it?
  15. Below is the programme of music we will be playing.There are still a few places left so if you want to attend,book asap and you will be forwarded a CD of the music and the dots Programme 1850’s-1860’s - Fesca’s Favourite Airs arranged for the Concertina by George Case. Originally arranged for two concertinas and adapted for concertina band by Michel van der Meiren Russian Air Buona Notte Rousseau’s Dream 1887 - The Queen’s Jubilee March 1837-1887 by Tom Ford Original concertina band music arranged in four parts 1895 - New Colonial March, by R. B. Hall – a brand new arrangement adapted for concertina band from a Henry Stanley arrangement for solo tenor treble concertina 1980’s – Songs of Germany by Frank E Butler. Traditional German tunes, “arranged for concertina groups of mixed ability”. The Boy at the Stream Loreley 1990’s – Australian Concertina Band Music - arrangements by Jill Stubbington as performed at Kiama Folk festival 8th June 1996 Ebenezer Streets of Forbes Moreton Bay 2010 - Traditional European tunes arranged in four parts by Michel van der Meiren Jack’s Maggot March de Begijnen
  16. Saturday 31st July 2010 10.00am-4.00pm Dungworth,Sheffield,South Yorkshire Jeremy & Alan Hague the leaders of the day are ready to send out a CD of the music to be played and the dots.There are still a few places available.Please complete the attached booking form and return it to me if you want to be there.Coffee and tea and lunch are included in the price.Mark Davies Email edeophone@aol.com BAND DAY FLYER 2010.wps.rtf
  17. We start the weekend on Thursday 15th July 2010 at 8.00pm with a session hosted by The Royal Concertina Players at The Royal Hotel, with Special Guests Roger Digby(Anglo)and Liz Giddings(fiddle)and singer Will Noble.Many other fine singers and musicians will attend.There is no charge and listeners are welcome.Good reasonably priced food is available at The Royal Hotel which is located just out Sheffield,South Yorkshire, in the village of Dungworth.If you need further information about the BTMW or directions please contact me.Tickets are still available for the weekend.Mark Davies Email edeophone@aol.com
  18. 15th,16th,17th & 18th July Attached is the Provisional Programme.Tickets still available:- Weekend Tickets £25(£20 for C.net members)per person Saturday £10 per person including Saturday night dance Sunday £10 per person Email me if you want a booking form BTMW 2010 PROG.doc
  19. There will be a Duet Hour on both Saturday and Sunday featuring some of the finest Duet players(of various systems)from around the UK It is hoped that one of the launches of "Duet International" will take place over the wekend.More news to follow. Roger Digby will be presenting a workshop on"Putting the Dance into English Country Dance Music" I am grateful to those who have supported the BTMW since its inception but the event only takes place if I can sell enough tickets to cover the costs.I receive no external funding(nor do I want to)and all the guests(including some of the UK's leading professional musicians and singers)receive no fees or expenses,just a small contribution towards the cost of their accommodation.Please book your tickets to ensure the 2011 event takes place.The cost of a weekend ticket with camping is £20 per person before 1.6.2010 and £25 per person thereafter.I will try to attach a booking form.If that fails email me for a booking form. Mark Davies edeophone@aol.com BTMW2010 BOOKING FORM.rtf
  20. We are considering organising a group/band playing day to be lead by Jeremy and Alan Hague utilising music from the ICA library.The playing part of the day would take place in the village hall which is located 100 yards from The Royal Hotel,where we hold our meetings.We could have lunch and tea at The Royal and have a bit of a "Ram Sammy"in the evening,if there was sufficient interest.Before we commit ourselves,are there any c.net members who would be interested?The cost per person will simply relate to the hire costs of the village hall and the food
  21. I have it on good authority that this instrument will be displayed at The Royal Hotel,Dungworth,Sheffield at the monthly gathering of Royal Concertinas on Tuesday 13th April at 8.00pm.Admission is free.Bring a concertina if you want to play some music and a screwdriver if you do not!The beer and the pies served are highly recommended.Email me for directions.
  22. I am unable to attend the SS this year,therefore a room is available at The Bridge Inn,Grinton if anybody would like to contact them and reserve it.The Bridge Inn is about a mile from the Youth Hostel where the SS takes place and serves excellent food.Mention you wish to book the room I reserved. Contact details:- Telephone:01748884224 Email:atkinbridge@btinternet.com
  23. This is certainly not the largest concertina in the world.That honour belongs to a Wheatstone Duet Maccann which was last seen by me(one end only) at The Pontrefract Concertina Convention in 1976.There was some misunderstanding between Tommy Williams and Jim Harvey(the then ICA Secretary)as to who owned it so they agreed to have an end each!I am not sure who had the bellows.It measured about 3 1/2 feet across the flats.The ends were made of aluminiam.It was made for a music hall artist who,not surprisingly found it too large to play.
  24. The guest speaker will be Geoff Crabb, who will talk about some aspect of concertina making and his family's 150 year plus connection with the concertina trade.Geoff is a fascinating speaker and fine craftsman.Good reasonably priced food is available.Everyone welcome both players and listeners.Email me for a map and directions. Mark Davies edeophone@aol.com
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