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  1. Just a reminder that the "Royal Concertinas"session will take place tonight at 8.00pm at The Royal Hotel,Dungworth,Sheffield,South Yorkshire.Players of all systems and abilities are welcome.Contact: Mark Davies Home Tel:0114 2851479 Mobile Tel:07850475067 Email:edeophone@aol.com
  2. Following on from the oustanding success of the first Royal Concertinas session I will be playing,by myself,or with others at The Fleece Inn,Holme Villlage,Holmfirth,Huddersfield starting at 8.00pm on Tuesday 10th February and thereafter as often as people wish to get together.It is not restricted to concertinas and the word seems to have got round so the music may be from various countries.I am hoping Dave Prebble will attend and Alan Day, who may be in the area on business, may also come.For further information, or if you are likely to be able to attend, contact me:- Mark Davies Home Tel:0114 2851479 Mobile:07850475067 Email:edeophone@aol.com
  3. I can confirm that Stuart Eydmann is the person to contact re concertinas and Scottish music.He gave a fascinating account of his research and played some vintage recordings of Scottish concertina players at the "Mouthies and Button Boxes"weekend held in Aberdeen in 2003.There clearly was a very strong tradition of concertina playing,particularly in Central Scotland with some very fine professional and semi professional musicians,some of whom were alive and playing up until recent times,although not in folk or traditional music circles.I am attaching a photograph I have of Jack Easy, originally from Scotland,who was a variety artist.I got to know him in the 1970's.
  4. The next "Royal Concertinas"session will take place on Tuesday 24th February at 8.00pm.Dave Elliott will give a short talk on concertina repairs during the evening.As previously stated everyone is welcome whatever the system played or the level of ability.Here is a list of some of the tunes played at the session on 20th January:- Margaret's Waltz Dingles Regatta Merrily Kissed The Quaker The Grand Hornpipe Harvest Home No 2 Morris Dance Rochdale Coconut Dance Peppers In The Brandy Da South Wind Fanny Power Planxty Irwin Davy Davy Knick Knack Hag With No Money The Cat in the cupboard Tater Jack Walsh Farewell To The Dene Barrington Hornpipe Rights of Man Jimmy Allen Derwentwaters Farewell Salmon Tails Up The Water Donkey Riding Horses Brawl Newcastle Portsmouth Sir Sydney Smith's Hornpipe City Of Savannah and many more. For further details contact me:- Mark Davies Home:0114 2851479 Mobile:07850475067 Email:edeophone@aol.com
  5. My fellow concertina player with the Manley Morris Dancers Colin Haworth is running me off a copy of a tape he has of Fred playing and we going to search the MMD's archives to see if we have any additional recordings,photographs etc although we think anything we have has been used in Alan Ward's two articles.Speaking to Colin last night he told me that on a visit to another Oldham area concertina player Ellis Marshall he was told that Fred Kilroy lived nearby and he had planned to visit him but by the time he got round to doing this Fred had died.Fred was a very occasional concertina player with the MMD and only turned out when the regular player Caleb Walker(who we also have recordings of)was not available.Other older Oldham area anglo players I have had contact with did not play in same style as Fred ie;Ellis Marshall & George Shannon.
  6. I was one of the regular concertina players for the Manley Morris Dancers between 1974 and 1994 and occasionally play for them when required(ie:I will be going to a practice this Monday evening)Many of the older dancers and the original concertina player Caleb Walker(who taught me the core body of Manley Tunes)told some amusing stories about Fred Kilroy.George Shannon and Ellis Marshall(both concertina players from the Oldham area) whom I knew also also told some tales about Fred.He in fact played for the Manley dancers very rarely and played in a style which was not like majority of the Manley concertina players.At full strength during our heyday we could muster seven concertina players, a side and bass drummer.The team won the International Trophy at the Llangollen Eistedfodd on two occasions,lastly in 1984,although I do not think Fred Kilroy every played at this event.We are all getting a bit long in the tooth and the team rarely gets out to dance.Barry Callaghan(a concertina and melodeon player from Sheffield)and John Adams are in the process of doing a video on the Manley Dancers and their tradition. The best source of written information about Fred Kilroy is in Alan Ward's article in an early Musical Traditions magazine.You may be able to access this on line via the website.If not come back to me. I was hoping that Alan Ward would attend last years ECMW(which you attended)to give a talk on Fred Kilroy but he was not able to make it. I may be able to find some photographs of Fred Kilroy in the Manley Dancers archives.I will make some enquiries on Monday.
  7. A music session for concertina players of all systems and abilities is starting at The Royal Hotel,Dungworth,Sheffield,South Yorkshire.The first session will be at 8.00pm on Tuesday 20th January 2004 and depending on support,fortnightly therafter.Dungworth is a small village to the west of Sheffield.The Royal Hotel is one of the famous Sheffield"carolling"pubs.For further details contact:- Mark Davies Tel:0114 2851479 Mobile:07850475067 Email:edeophone@aol.com Apologies as this,in error,was inserted in the "Buy & Sell"section
  8. A music session for concertina players of all systems and abilities is starting at The Royal Hotel,Dungworth,Sheffield,South Yorkshire.The first session will be at 8.00pm on Tuesday 20th January 2004 and depending on support,every fortnight thereafter.Dungworth is a small village to the west of Sheffield.The Royal Hotel is one of the famous Sheffield "carolling"pubs.For further details contact :- Mark Davies Home:0114 2851479 Mobile:07850475067 Email:edeophone@aol.com
  9. This concertina was made by George Jones as has been suggested.I have an identical model in C/G in very good playing order.Having seen many Jones Anglo's over the years this model would appear to be towards the better end of the range made by Jones.The bellows are very finely made and the gold embossing is a lot finer than you find on Jeffries & Crabbs of the same era.
  10. An event not to be missed by any players of free reed instruments in the British Isles featuring great players from England,Scotland & Ireland including: Jackie Daly(Button Accordion) Fred Davidson(Melodeon) Will Duke(Anglo Concertina) Stuart Eydmann(English Concertina) Vic Gammon(Anglo Concertina & Melodeon) Bryce Johnson(Mouth Organ) Mary McNamara(Anglo Concertina) Andrew McNamara(Button Accordion) Doddie Murray(Mouth Organ) Dan Quinn(melodeon) Simon Thoumire(English Concertina) John & Pip Murphy(Mouth Organs) The event includes workshops,talks,concerts and sessions.Further details and booking forms can be obtained from the Elphinstone Institute website at the University of Aberdeen.The cost of a weekend ticket is £22.I will be attending flying up from Manchester on the Friday morning. Mark Davies
  11. Metal ends,new eight fold bellows,fast action with case.$1964 plus cost of post and packing.Photographs avaialable.Email:edeophone@aol.com
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