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  1. For sale to purchasers in the UK or Ireland(I can deliver to Ireland) In perfect playing order. Modern pitch. Steel reeds in aluminium shoes. Eight fold bellows. In Wheatstone case. All in in good condition.£3000( stirling ).No offers
  2. Great tunes. I have circulated them amongst my musical friends including Roger Digby.
  3. I visited Toni & Tina in the early 1970's after they had retired and have a few of their publicity photographs. I lnow live near Sheffield and Findon Street is not far from my home and I regularly pass it. Before they performed as "Toni & Tina" they were "The Concercordians" lead by father Potts. The finale of the act of Toni & Tina was to come onto the stage from opposite ends playing the "Bells of St Marys" on 3/4 size concertina with fairy lights inside the fretwork powered by batteries so the wires went up their sleeves and were secreted in their costumes.
  4. I have a number of photographs of Jim Harvey,which on did you want? I knew JIm fairly well as he was a great friend of Harry Hatton of Haydock,with whom I played the English concertina for many years before concentrating on the Anglo.Jim sourced my first 40 Key Wheatstone owned by Eric Holland of Swanage.I am in Ireland until the middle of June so cannot access my photographs at the moment.
  5. We are both very old Stephen!
  6. Tom Dukes was a great friend of Harry Hatton of Haydock,Lancashire a great concertina enthusiast and member of the ICA.I played with Harry Hatton( and with others) on weekly basis at his home and in local pubs for many years.I was then mainly an English player.Tom Dukes when I knew him was living in Wrexham and visited Harry Hatton regularly and gave me informal lessons.I think he had been a member of the Kensington Concertina Orchestra.I have photographs of him which I will try to post.I also think I may have some arrangements by him.
  7. Harry Beard and his son Eddie were good friends of mine and Inplayed the English concertina with them in a Concertina quartet in the early 1970's.Harry Beard was fine player and teacher of the concertina and had played in a concertina band in his home town of St Helens in the 1920's/30's .He took early retirement and intended to concentrate on his music and teaching the concertina but tragically died of cancer.He loved to play classical and semi classical music and was able to play baritone parts from the dots.I will post some photographs if I can find them.
  8. Jim Harvey & his son Maurice and AN Other playing(Geoff Crabb will know his name), probably at an ICA event in the late 1950's.Like Steve I knew Jim from the 1970's. I have another photograph of Jim and a friend playing Jeffries Duet's in the 1920's but it is too large to be attached. Jim also told me that a number of his friends had their anglo's converted into Jeffries duets in the 1920's.Jim found me my first anglo in 1974,which I still play.
  9. Peter & Junes son makes riding and ceremonial hats under the title " Honri Hats" and has a website so you can contact him via him the site.I see him two or three times a year at hound shows where he has a stand.
  10. Certainly not unique unless its the same one I bought for £60 in Herefordshire,England as a result of an advertisement I put in Exchabge & Mart on the 4th April 1974.
  11. As always Geoff you are correct and my spelling of the first name may be incorrect. Your father must have been relieved that I started to sell concertinas at Cecil Sharp House as he must have been fed of me calling into the shop with concertinas he knew were not worth repairing and spending his valuable time explaining why that was so.
  12. Just as a matter of interest,Wigan was a hot bed of concertina players and there were a few concertina bands in the town and I recollect Levi had played in one of them so I suppose it's likely his father did.There was a group of really fine Maccan players who were known to my great pal Harry Hatton of Haydock and who we visited.They were all ICA members and donated a "The Red Rose Cup" to be competed for annually by duet players at the ICA festival.I believe it is in the possession of our "mutual friend".
  13. Yes.He was the father of Levi Lambert a repairer and player who I visited a few times in the early 1970's.My records show that he lived at9 Wood street,off Scott Lane,Newtown,Wigan and I bought a 48 Key Lachenal English from him for £12 and sold in the EFDSS shop at Cecil Sharp House for £45.As a Solicitors Articled Clerk on £ 4.50 a week I had to earn an additional crust to keep the wolf from the door!! you should have been around then Bill,you late comers missed a lot of fun and concertinas!!
  14. Zak van der Vyver Just to inform you that the superb Boermusic style player Zak will be attending the weekend
  15. Apologies for the considerable delay in replying .I have only just seen your last post. I have about 200 plus cassettes dating back to the early 1970's(but including tracks re recorded from reel to reel tapes from the early 1950's and 60's)and I do not have time to go through and identify every player. They are largely poorly documented and as all of the players are now dead I am one of the very few who would recognise who was playing. I will try to narrow down the cassettes and identify Donald Pullen's playing. Geoff Crabb would certainly have heard him playing at the monthly ICA meetings in London and at the annual ICA Festival.I think he played at the Concertina Convention the YCC organised at Pontefract in the mid 1970's.
  16. Thursday 27th July to Sunday 30th July 2017 Featuring some of the best singers and musicians from the United Kingdom & Ireland.Lots of concertina interest-including talks by Geoff Crabb and Roger Digby's "Concertina Hour".Sessions in local pubs and village halls.There is no charge if you want to attend the weekend,we will pass a bucket around to collect donations to cover the costs.Camping and parking for caravans and campavans is also free.The event takes place in a spectacular location in the Pennine hills to the west of Sheffield,South Yorkshire.If you want a copy of the programme email me on:- edeophone@aol.com Mark Davies
  17. I have probably got some recordings that he supplied to my good Harry Hatton of Haydock,who I played with for many years.I will have a look.They will of coarse be on cassette.
  18. Yes I can remember him attending meetings of the Yorkshire Concertina Club in Leeds in the mid 1970's.This was the original YCC which has no connection with the current organisation.From memory Donald was a very technically accomplished player on both the duet and English and played from music most of the time.He was an ICA member and no doubt competed in the annual ICA competitions.
  19. If anyone wants to come and try the instrument I live near Sheffield,South Yorkshire.Construction of the instrument was completed in May 1988.
  20. Apologies for the photographs being up side down!I do not know why this happened or how to correct it
  21. This instrument was presented to the Manley Morris Dancers by a member of the team and is inscribed to that effect on the right hand end.The instrument has never been played outsid the house where it was kept and is in pristine condition and comes with the usual Dipper case.The action and tone is first class and it has lovely fretted sides.I was one of the concertina players for Manley from the mid 1970's until they ceased to perform.I have asked by the surviving members of the team to sell the instrument to fund the written history and a film of the team.The price I have been asked to obtain is £7000 but I will consider offers.If you are interested send me a PM.I can provide additional photographs if required.
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