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  1. James, Oddly enough, this board moves a lot slower on weekends then it does during the week. As to which to buy, I think the consensus around here would be to put a little more cash together and get the Rochelle. Of course, if that isn't possible, get the thirty button you can afford as it will give more options as what music you can play. Alan
  2. A goal sounds like a fine idea--for instance my current goal is learning enough Christmas music to be able to do some parties or busking while I am off work during those few weeks around Christmas. Alan
  3. Especially sad, since he lives here, and I don't ever remember meeting him. Alan
  4. Robert, I suspect they converged far earlier in the 18th and 19th centuries. After all, a lot of the song collectors here in the US in the early part of the century could trace the songs back to the broadsides and traditional tunes of the british isles. And a lot of the pre-war" hillbilly band" recordings were also traceable back the same way and eventually moving onto the recordings of the commercial groups like the Carter Family, Bill Monroe and the Stanley Brothers. Alan
  5. Beautiful piece, all the animals moved like animals. Thank you Mischa. Alan
  6. One other thought, you all aren't that far from Cafe Lena, which went through a similar loss of their founder roughly 20 years back, and set up a nonprofit to take over what Lena had done for years. It probably wouldn't hurt for you to get in contact with their board to see what they did. Alan
  7. Yes, I keep thinking we need a midwest event of some sort. Alan
  8. This summer at the Dublin Irish Festival, I ran into a father carrying a Stagi thirty button that that he was renting for his 8? year old daughter who was taking lessons, but I didn't ask where they were located. My understanding that the instructor had arraigned the rental. I don't know if this helps. Alan
  9. I love playing in F on my C/G. I even tried playing some of the tunes I play in F in either G or C, and still prefer them in F. Alan
  10. Hey, American English is the boy's fourth or fifth language and for the most part he is far more literate in it then most of our public school graduates, not to mention several university graduates as well. Alan
  11. The Zulu were known to rearrange the reeds to their liking. There is some discussion here on that. Alan
  12. With the Dublin Irish Festival starting this weekend here in central Ohio this weekend, I am reminded of the last time Bob was up here with a booth for his concertinas. While their was no concertina workshops, concertina playing children often stopped by his booth to try instruments. Several were quite good. Alan
  13. Alan, Was that this one: Alex the Rat is a whimsical musical addition to your garden or lawn. Finely detailed face for added appeal Little accordion looks authentic for added appeal Cast from a rubber mold for a seamless finish Weather-resistant for durability Comical gesture will delight all Available in a variety of finishes Yup Alan
  14. When I was 15 my folks made a Harding brother for me. Alan
  15. As someone who once shipped fine china and crystal for a living, as well as having worked in a few other warehouses, and having several family members who are or were drivers, I suspect physics has far more to do with the damage then warehousers mishandling the goods. No matter how careful something is handled or placed, accidents happen. I suspect someone in a four wheeler cutting off a truck on the freeway has far more to do with crushed and damaged packages then intentional mishandling. Likewise, turbulence, weather and other natural forces can also cause damage. Not too say human error
  16. Not Rod's father, but it is my birthday. Oddly enough, my father's birthday was yesterday. He's not around anymore either, died in a construction accident in May of '92. Alan
  17. Earlier this spring I was checking out garden shops and we found a concertina playing rat statue which was hard to turn down. Alan
  18. No problem at all again on the most recent trip I just returned from. Still my favorite experience when all the security people came over to try to figure out what sort of musical instrument it was from the picture on their machine. I think they had bets going, as they asked me specifically what musical instrument I was carrying. Alan
  19. It looks like a jedcertina. These instruments have been discussed in the forums before. I am not sure of the spelling, but I did find some discussion by putting in just jed. Alan
  20. I think you are right about his accordian. Where are you located at? Sounds like we were living in greater Lansing at the same time. Alan
  21. I have that one's identical mate sitting back home in Ohio. Keep meaning to referbish it. Alan
  22. Just Ontairo, or are going to get on the other Lakes as well? Alan
  23. Squeezeboxes are obviously not a priority for Elderly and they have virtually no interest in them. They are, however interested in one-row DBAs and concertinas, re-selling them at book value at least -- even instruments that need work. I doubt they feel compelled to alter their practices, despite your generous offer. At least not since a fellow name Robin moved out of town and stopped working there in the mid-80s. He was a fairly good accordian player and use to go through the freereeds fairly thoroughly. I know from experience when I lilved up there if you were really interested in
  24. I am flying into Minneapolis Sunday June 7 for work and will be there supposedly until the 25. Anybody up there who might want to get together. I won't be real mobile, as I will be sharing a car with another fellow. Alan
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