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  1. While I have said this before, another place to look would be a good harness and tack shop that does repairs. They would be able to help with the thickness and with the hardware. I do realize that this probably is not convenient in OakPark, but I would think you might be able to find one somewhere on the outskirts of greater Chicagoland. Alan
  2. I am unclear about what you are asking for here. Are you looking for music for your child to perform or to listen to? I can have my wife ask her sister, the music teacher, about sheet music appropriate to to your child's age group if you would like. Also, what exactly do you mean by American music? I am willing to help if I know more about what you are looking to find. Alan
  3. I believe the same thing was said in 1885. My wife and I have only had the volume a few weeks and have alredy had much enjoyment from looking through the tunes. I also find sight-reading the tunes is a great practice exercise. I definitely felt that it was worth buying. Alan
  4. I picked up a copy a couple of weeks ago at the Dublin Irish Festival. In reading the forward, by Patrick Sky, it says that the tunes in Cole's "1000 Fiddle Tunes" published in 1940 are mostly identical to the tunes in "Ryan's Mammoth Collection" published in 1885. It has tunes I recognize as ITM, as well as old-time. For example, I recognized several tunes that Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers had recorded in the twenties and thirties, as well as tunes I have heard played at both old-time and Irish sessions. It seems to be a collection of tunes that were being played in the USA in the late
  5. Sort of the same idea that the knives we had as the blades were curved. I almost wonder now if grampa Dormire had made them himself, as he was a tool and die maker as well as a farmer. Alan
  6. Actually Ruediger, it was meant to be. I edited that post twice to take out some errors before I posted and still some of the original errors appeared. I should have skived out those dog collars to make a better fit, but I was in a hurry to get the concertina in a playable condition. Leatherwork is another one those skills that one learns on the farm to keep things going. I know that if either grampa had seen that quick hackwork I would have heard about it. Actually, we had a couple of curved knives of various sizes that looked a bit like hoof knives that we would use for skiving, the
  7. A spokeshave is a very common tool used by leather workers to thin leather, so using a plane is not far off being a conventional method. Rats! I thought I was been weird. Must try harder. ocd No,skewed is having heavy dog collars for handles, which I have on the second concertina I bought. The leather handles were the only thing wrong with this old German style 20 button, and I was too lazy to run out to the harness shop to get some thin straps, so I bought a couple inexpensive dog collars. They were a bit heavier than I would have liked, but they worked. Ski ing would have be
  8. Considering that the one pictured in the bottom right corner is mine, I suppose I ought to comment. While I do not do much session playing, when I do, I can hear myself play. Alan
  9. Is it down with the sheet music and play through it a couple times. Then I may try some alternative fingerings. Once I find fingerings that I like, I start memorizing phrases. Alan
  10. I hadn't realized anyone else was doing cowboy music on the board. Concertina was also a traditional cowboy instrument, small enough to easily fit in the bunk wagon. Some other tunes: Red River Valley Old Paint Mustang Grey Little Joe the Wrangler Bonnie Black Bess Little Brown Bulls Annie Laurie Wagoner's Lad Alan
  11. hey Alan! i like to go down and play music in Ohio when i can. what sort of music do you play? I have a lot of friends who play Irish music in Ohio, and some family, too. David, mostly old time and cowboy music. I am not sure where you head when you play, but I am in the Columbus area in the center of the state. If you want to meet up sometime, I would be cool with it. Dave is up on the lake between Toledo and Cleveland which is a fair piece (2 1/2 hours or so). Dave, if you decide to hit a music store, and decide to go the accordion route, there is a fairly good accordion shop
  12. Hi NoNaYet I frequent a local restaurant, and talk to an older guy in an electric wheelchair. Hopalong Cassidy is his favorite from when he was a child. Mine is Roy Rogers. Occasionally I take my laptop computer and we have dinner together, watch a movie, and swap stories and lies about who is the better in them old cowboy movies. The one you found has a group of musicians called the Jimmy Wakely Trio. They are in lots of movies from the 1940's. I think it's used as a prop though in the movies. I'll bet it looked something like this: Although in this one, it's played. ht
  13. where are you at in Ohio? I am in Dublin and would be willing to give you some help if you are near by. Alan
  14. I've always wanted to hit the Castigilone Store. I tried one of the Castiglione concertinas back in August. My first impression was it was large. Larger than the cheap Chinese concertina a bought over twenty years ago. The buttons were also fairly large, and set flush with the ends. Then I started playing it. It was quick, with a nice action. Not as quick as my tedrow, but better than any of the other inexpensive concertinas in the rough price range. The biggest flaws would be the size and the lack of the third row, but it seems to be a reasonable beginners instrument. Alan
  15. All I can say is that is one big concertina.
  16. Frank-Is this a CG? Dave-Unfortunately, I am a troll, having been brought up in the thumb, and now live even farther into troll country in Ohio. Alan
  17. The wood just reminded me of the conversation. I hadn't thought you were trying for a particular market. Alan
  18. Looks nice. Of course I am partial to a bird's eye maple concertina. Are you going for the UP market? One of the first things that was said to me last year at the Great Lakes Folk Festival last year when by some UP Finns was how nice the finish was on the one I have is. They like their Bird's eye maple in Michigan's North country. Alan
  19. Has it really been four years since I bought this thing? Alan
  20. I've had more problems getting into the Dublin (Ohio) Irish Festival with my concertina than I have had flying within the continental US with my concertina as carry on. Alan
  21. Hey, I have actually played my concertina their last spring while I was working in Champaign. I had actually went down there to see the oxen,but they weren't there, so I ended up in the cabin and played a few old time tunes with some of the reinactors. Alan
  22. Well as a matter of fact, yes. Last week we had the earliest snowfall ever recorded in the 170 years or so since Houston was founded. We usually see snow only every four years or so. I'm sure some of those fellers in Copenhagen can explain why! My steer calves were none too happy with it...you can see them here, grumbling over all that unknown white trash falling on their nice green grass! Best, Dan I didn't know you ran any cattle, Dan. How may head? Alan
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