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  1. I couldn't agree with you more, Bertram. I find that is fairly easy to set down with my C/G box and play a tune straight from the written music in the key written. By the way, I picked up a copy of your old time studies, though I haven't had a chance to go through the exercises yet. I did read through it and found it to be interesting and thoughtful, and am sure it will help my playing. Alan
  2. I don't consider it random at all, as I do something similar with Western wear of roughly the same period. And around Christmas time, I consider doing it, but never do. And I agree with the others that Jodi's site is the place to go. Alan
  3. A year ago, I would have given a different answer, as we had several years back two guitars stolen out of the car, and the insurance company promptly paid up. The same company unfortunately gave us a really rough time of it this spring after the furnace fire some ten years later. Our new company does cover the instruments under a rider in our new home owners policy for the circumstances you describe. Fortunately, our agent does understand musicians and was able to give us guidance. His cousins own the local Irish pub that regularly books in bands. Unfortanately, we live here in the States, so
  4. I don't believe I have been in the forums since February. While I was working down in San Antonio, I received a phone call from my wife at 5 a.m., Saturday February 2, informing me that we had a furnace fire at our house. Fortunately, the damage was confined to the furnace. Unfortunately, the furnace was unrepairable. Also, our church, which owned the former one room school house we were living in, received an emminent domain notice for the building making it unreasonable to replace the furnace. My wife stayed with friends for the next two weeks while I finished my assignment in Texas. W
  5. Lois, I am roughly 4 to 6 hours away from you, depending on whether you are closer to Monroe or Flint, but I am originally from Genessee County. I just read the entire thread, and had several thoughts. I have found that the bellows on the Stagis tend to be harsher to use than on any of the modern hybrids I have tried. The ten button box you have found looks cute, and I would guess from the looks it would be of german construction. I have tried the Castilogne instruments and they don't play to bad, but they are definitely bigger than your stagi. On the bright side, they are located in (or were
  6. I always figured you for a bowler hat kind of guy, myself. And I am sure that would be fine. And no rhinestones needed. Though I realize it is a fair piece to go, but it would be cool to see you. Alan
  7. One song that I play in octaves is Amazing Grace. I'll play the first verse in octaves, the second on my right hand, the third on my left hand and then finish it out in octaves. The folks I have played it for have enjoyed it, though I originally started doing it as a practice exercise. Alan
  8. Jody, you need to come out to Ohio in June and do my lazy day in the Gene Autry Days Singing Cowboy Idol Competition. After all, a concertina player won it last year. Your 2012 Singing Cowboy Idol Alan Dormire
  9. I hate to say it, but it is a lot more common then we would like to believe, and in more than one publishing area. I agree with Ransom, strike it out. Alan
  10. After reading this, I keep thinking about all my old high school mates, as well as friends of my father who are working (or retired from) the Chevy truck plant in Flint (they made both Chevy and GMC pickups there) who now have more work because of all of the free reed enthusiasts buying new pick up trucks. Alan
  11. asdormire

    Use Tax

    Obviously, US Customs is giving them the information, but what does the customs form actually say? For the record I firmly support paying any and all taxes that are due, but let's just suppose that the form said "Concertina, value $XXXX". How do they know that the concertina is a new purchase and not a family heirloom sent back to the Mother Country for repairs and restoration? I would imagine that a concertina restored by Mr. Dipper would look brand new when he was done with the restoration, so how can they tell? I believe those restoration services would be exempt from this tax, right?
  12. asdormire

    Use Tax

    I've sat and thought on this for a day, and I still come back to the question "How did Illinois (and now Massachussetts) know you had purchased the Dipper?" That aside, every year Robin and I end up paying a similar tax here in Ohio for items we couldn't find here, including musical instruments. The state income tax form has a nice line on it so that we can declare it and make it easy to pay it. My advice is to pay the tax. As to the arguement about only being able to buy the concertina from a local source, I am sure that the tax folks in Springfield will point out that you can buy a
  13. If I remember right, my wife bought it through a laboratory supply outfit. Admittedly, this isn't a source a lot of folks won't have easy access to. I went down to the laundry room and garage to see if we still had some, but could not find any. I thought maybe giving another brand name might help. If folks would like, I will ask Robin tonight when she gets home from the lab to see what she remembers about where she bought it. Alan
  14. I don't know 'bout 'bakker smoke, but I have used the same mineral in animal rooms and it does help with the musty urine smell from concentrations of small rodents. Alan
  15. One of these days I'll make it down there, Wally, but as I will by driving home from the Great Lakes Festival in East Lansing that Sunday, it won't be this year. Robin says Noel will be doing workshops up here this weekend, so I guess I will see him up here. Even though I never get down there, I appreciate that you have presented these concerts the last few years. Alan
  16. Excuse me, the picture is in the upper left. This left right thing still confuses me.
  17. John, I'll be hiking up to the Irish Festival later this afternoon, and would be willing to sit down with you this weekend, should you wish (I live in Dublin and will be at the festival all three days). My primary interest is old time and western music and I play a 30 button CG Tedrow, the one pictured in that little window in the upper right. I expect that I will be wearing Carhardt dungarees, either green or tan held up with Carhardt braces, black and gray cowboy boots,a beat up straw Stetson and a short sleeved shirt (not a tee). I stand 5'8", have a dark brown pony tail and a beard that
  18. I'll have to smoke a few packs of Old golds and get me a copy. Oddly enough, red river valley isn't'at in Folk songs of North America! I went to look to see if that story was in there. By "Buffalo Skinner Blues", do you mean the song tha starts out, "'twas in the town of Jacksboro, In the spring of seventy three"? Alan
  19. I have a small collection of cowboy collections. My three favorites are the aforementioned "Cowboy and Western Songs" by Austin E. and Alta S. Fife, Songs of the Great American West by Irwin Silber, and "The Hellbound Train" by Glen Ohrlin. The Ohrlin book is nice for the asides as he was both a working and a rodeo cowboy as well as a performer of cowboy songs. The Fife is the most comprehensive. I have other books as well including John Lomax's "Cowboy Songs", but it is light on tunes. Often I have use the two collections he did with his son or the son's "Folksongs of North America" for
  20. If I played as well as Jody,maybe. Actually, given sometime, it maybe possible. Alan
  21. Nice article, the only thing I noticed that stood out as questionable was that Jack Thorpe, a southwestern rancher, that put out the first collection of cowboy songs not Lomax. Lomax used the Thorpe book as a resource. I know from experience that cattle like to be sang to. It does keep them calm. I don't know that I would want to play concertina on horseback either, and I am probably a better rider than a concertina player. Finally, are you out in Saskatchewa? For some reason I thought Kelowna was in Ontario. Alan
  22. Reminds me of Heinlein's SF novel "Have Space Suit — Will Travel"; but your story is nicely told as well... I'd forgotten about that story. I was actually referencing the old Western tv series "Have Gun Will Travel", which also has an SF connection as Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry wrote a large number of episodes for the series. I suspect Heinlein might have been a concertina fan, after all the main character of "The Green Hills of Earth" was a blind concertina player. Alan
  23. I've posted a list of collections for folks here a couple of times, and I have thought about putting together a cowboy songbook for thirty button Anglo, even though I expect historically most of the concertinas on the range were twenty buttons. Do we have place for sheet music here? Humorous aside, the last time Robin and I were at NESI, we were playing a couple of cowboy songs out of the Fife's "Cowboy and Western Songs," when a woman came over to look at our songbooks. Her husband pulled her away, saying something like, "We don't have time for that, we're sticking to Irish Music."
  24. Peter is one of my influences, and he was quite a scholar. I think we don't think of the concertina as a western instrument for a couple of reasons. The first is that it just lost popularity in the first part of the twentieth century. The other is the singing cowboy tradition of the movies. Yet, I know it was a popular instrument during what we think of as the settlement of the west. Alan
  25. No youTube clips, sorry. As to how I played, I know the melody for all four songs by heart. I played Red River Valley through twice with no singing, then I played the melody alone followed by a combination of the melody with me singing the first verse for the next three songs. Remember that I put this together at the last moment. One of the judges asked why I did it that way, as playing the lead while singing is very hard, and I had to admit I didn't know the chordings. As to canned music, It was explained to me that it is extremely common now days at these types of events Finally,
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