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  1. I was curious about this any way, but I just looked at a Canadian site where the maker was talking about using a wide variety of tonewoods in his concertina. I have a passing interest in instrament making, and we have enough stringed instraments around here that I know wood makes a real difference in the sound, but I would think the reeds would make more of a difference in the concertina. so what do I need to know? Alan
  2. Is that Fado one of the bars of chain here in the states? It is interesting that they would hold a session if it is. An interesting story: Fado is also a type of Portughese music. My wife is interested in Fado due to her heritage, and last summmer we returned to East Lansing to attend the Great Lakes Festival partially because they had a Fado singer scheduled from her home town of New Bedford MA. Afterwards we were talking to him, and he told us about how he saw there was this chain of Fado bars, and was thinking, "Wow, I can travel the US and perform." So he started calling these pla
  3. if you read the entire article, you will notice it is a Jacky.
  4. I didn't realize so many dogs played concertinal, much less are able to use the internet.
  5. Saw the first one last night, and thought that looks interesting, I could take it apart and compare it to my italien made one that bob said olooked like german work (wooden levers, probably made in twenties or thirties that I bought years ago on ebay). I think the eagle on the second one is really cool. Alan
  6. actually, I have been thinking about redoing my renters policy, as we have added a lot of instruments around here that haven't went onto the policy. After reading Richard's post, I am thinking I have a fairly good deal, as we are only paying around $6 a thousand on the instruments as a rider. The firearms are more, but still not quite that high. I wouldn't mind doing some cmparisons. Alan
  7. I was starting to wonder, sinc I seem to be finding the same posts both here and on boot liquor. It especially drives me crazy, as I get all excited by a new post, and then it has nothing to do with music at all. Alan
  8. I don't know, today I was waiting at the car dealer for the 50,000 mile check setting outside working out some tunes and two of the sales guys ran over and started asking all kinds of questions about the concertina. Alan
  9. this seems to be the apropriate place to try this experiment, as Bob kindly gave me permission to use his picture of this concertina as my avator thingie.
  10. I have occasionally seen older broadcasts of that program here in Columbus, but not recently. Always found it interesting and cute. Have no idea as to whether your episode would be broadcast over here, or even how far out in the future, but at least it sounds like you had fun. Actually, from the few broadcasts I have seen, it looks like it would be tons of fun to participate in. Alan
  11. Figure it was better for Bob to give the actual details, as I was unsure of them, other than the first. I always figure it is better for Dad to brag then a relative stranger. Alan
  12. I was told that the Dublin (OH) Irish festival has a concertina contest, if I understood Bob Tedrow correctly that weekend. He said his daughter had competed. don't know when it was though, especially since the only competition I ever saw going on was millions (sic) of Irish American kids dancing. this is one of those events that definately reminds me that my people have been on this continent forever. Alan
  13. I know it is months later, put as someone who occasionally works on stringed instraments, my first thought is to try some sort of heat. Might not work, but should be less damaging than a solvent. Alan*-89 z w,.., \ 63as+fq* 5 ;'./m =2
  14. all right, I know this may be a foolish question, but I went to the Noel Hill site just for information, and got to wondering about cost. While I know I can't do it this year, (Cinci starts sunday) but it would be nice to have some idea to start planning for next year. Alan
  15. Dirge Didn't mean to confuse you, but I hve never lived in a place that worshipped sports like they do here, the whole town is organized around buckeye football. I've heard tell that Manchester is like that on your side of the pond, but having only ever been in the US and Canada, i wouldn't know from first hand experience. ya know, it seems a real shame not to be talking about my brand new beautiful concertina in this wonderful topic area that Bob started for it even before it came home with me. getting Egan's Polka down, learned Drunken Sailor the first night I had it, and am about
  16. replies as asked: Bob--first phrase down, working on second. Dirge--Buckeye is a descriptive name for the adherents of the majority religion here in a Ohio, whose worshippers gather in a large outdoor stadium on saturdays, except for those less fortunate who gather in bars. Yes, there is a tree by that name as well, which the worshippers gather up the nuts and string up as neclaces that they wear during their religious celebrations. When I attended university at Michigan State, oddly enough one of my roommates my first term was from down here and managed to find the only buckeye tree
  17. My, but that concertina looks real familiar. Looks just like mine. as a matter of fact. I purchased the concertina on saturday from Bob on saturday at the localpark up the road a piece from the house. took me friday evening and most of saturday to convince my wife to let me spend the money, but considering the number of guitars and mandolins she has lying around here, I eventually prevaled. this is much better than either of my previous instraments (a twenty button that says "Trinity College" on the side that I bought new just before moving to Ohio, and an old twenty button with made in It
  18. Saw that concertinal for real this past weekend, nice instrument. In some ways similar to the one I bought from him on saturday, in that they are both side vented, but the one I purchased was a thirty button, but had maple on the ends. Alan
  19. i saw bob there along with his gorgeous wife and daughter, and he relieved me of some money as well. had a good time and now have a thirty button with maple ends, which is far superior to either of the twenty buttons i own. i've even started actually learning tunes
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