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  1. A quick question, Jim, does the (AB)4A2B mean play the A part through four times followed by the B twice? Alan
  2. I saw a young man in a Québécois band do that a few years back and it seemed to work ok for him. Alan
  3. I looked at a very nice Wheatstone 40 button G/D a few years back that I would have liked, but the asking price was beyond what I could afford. Neither the weight or the size seemed unreasonable. That being said, I think Dan has covered a lot of the points I would have liked to have made, with nice examples and scholarship that is beyond my knowledge. What I do have is my own experience. On the 30 button C/G Tedrow pictured as my avitar, I regular play in eight keys: the two home keys of C and G, the three keys above the home rows of D, A and E, and the three keys below of F, Bb and Eb.
  4. There, now it is no longer tied, at least until two more folks vote. Alan
  5. Greg, as somebody who has been where you are at, that sounds like a great idea. The right box will come along when you have the money, it did for me, so enjoy the one you have until then. Alan
  6. Liz, my first box was similar to yours, and I played it until I wore it out. I went back to playing my dobro, fooled around with the banjo, and then picked up an old German style 20 button with a wooden action that I played until buying the Tedrow pictured in my avitar. I still play the old box occasionally. You will be able to pick up the basics until you are able to move up to a better box. Alan
  7. So how about adding a bag and bellows to the melodica? It works for Irish and Northumbrian pipers. I almost tried something similar with a melodica and a blue plastic foot bellows that I had found at a yardsale. Now I am wondering if I kept that bellows or did I throw it out this summer during the move. The melodicas I still have. Alan
  8. That was worth watching just for the Hawaiian guitar playing, dobro being my other primary instrument. And I do play my Anglo up in the air like that. Alan
  9. Is this in response to our conversation down in the "test forum", Dave? Alan
  10. Are you talking to me, or asking about Mike? We've still got boxes everywhere.
  11. Well then congratulations to Mike. I know how this moving into a new house takes a lot of time, having had to do it myself this past year. I hope he enjoys it. Alan
  12. Greg is a good idea, though Mark is probably closer to you, Don, than he is to Greg. Parma is up by the lake. That said, I still think that checking with Greg is good idea. Mark, I am in Columbus, and while that is still a far piece, I am still available to offer help if you are down this way. I play an Anglo though. Alan
  13. It pops up ok here in the states for those who want to try it. Alan
  14. Looks to be a much better box than I started with. Here's hoping you don't have to wait 17 years to do your next upgrade like I did. Alan
  15. Steve, having met both Ken and Dave several years back, along with several other folks from c-net at NESI, I can assure you that they are fine gentlemen in person as well. Alan
  16. Yes, I am reserecting an old topic from the groove yard of forgotten hits. I attended with my wife this afternoon the local monthly meeting of the guitar society. It primarily concentrates on classical guitar. At the end of the meeting one of the fellows asked if I could play the violin part in an arrangement for violin and classical guitar of a Vivaldi piece he had sent out earlier. As it was in D, I gave the first couple of phrases a try. At first just playing out the notes as written, then starting to arrange the buttons in my head to play most of the phrase with the bellows going mostl
  17. While a course may not be available, Owlgal, you may want to pick up a copy of Dave Elliot's concertina repair manual. It will at least give you a feel for how our little music machines are put together. Alan
  18. Jody Kruskal has a good handout on the chord shapes with the name of the chord shape for the G/D on the right side and the C/G on the left. Alan
  19. While I haven't tried this tune, I agree with Bruce's evaluation. I play enough tunes in A and E that I regularly use that third finger on the G# key. Try running through your A scale a few times just to get use to using the finger and then go back to playing the tune and see if that helps. I know it did when I started to play tunes outside of C and G. Alan
  20. Ceemonster, don't feel bad, the old German style box with the wooden action I am playing at the moment while I am waiting to get the Tedrow fixed has an harmonica like sound. Alan
  21. I saw this request when I got back, and had meant to reply. Songs of American Sailormen, Joanna C Colcord, Oak Publications Alan
  22. Check with Jody Kruska, he gave me a chord chart several years back with the chord forms drawn in the middle and the name of the chord for the c/g on the left side and the g/d on the right.
  23. All in all, I think we didn't come out to bad. While we no longer live in 19th century building, we no longer have some of the difficulties of a building that age either. The schoolhouse had been built in 1880. This house was built in '59, has three bedrooms, a finished basement complete with a dry bar, air conditioning, and is extremely well insulated. The neighbors seem to be reasonable people, though admittedly they are both louder and more lively than our previous neighbors. Of course, my previous neighbors were mostly dead and buried in the cemetery next door. I have a good sunny side ya
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