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    A week and a half ago, I was sitting in a hotel hallway playing my concertina and a young woman came up to me . . . . The next day, the husband comes up, . . .


    A great anecdote and a great lesson. In concertinas, as in many other things, deciding what is best for someone else is a fraught decision. But, at the risk of taking this off topic, the quote above really caught my attention. Do you regularly sit in hotel hallways playing your concertina? This is allowed?

    I have never had any complaints, and usually receive compliments on my playing. Now to be fair, that weekend I was attending a music oriented science fiction convention that my wife had dragged me to.

  2. My best recommendation would be to have her do the research and see what best suits her.


    A week and a half ago, I was sitting in a hotel hallway playing my concertina and a young woman came up to me and started talking. It seems that her husband and friends bought her a Jackie, but she was wondering if she would have been better off with the Rochelle. She said he had done all sorts of research and decided that an English made the most sense.


    The next day, the husband comes up, and starts telling me about how he had just bought his wife a concertina. He tells me about all the research he he had done and stated that he had made the logical decision. Admittedly, this was a surprise gift, so she hadn't been consulted. And she may see this, as I did recommend the site.

  3. Jody, I saw one of these clocks this summer at the Great Lakes Folk Festival in the concertina display that Jerry Minar had set up. It is not made out of a concertina, but the design is based on the Hengel concertina, which Jerry makes. The clock was very attractive.


    I spent a fair bit a time talking with Jerry and his wife, who are from Minnesota. He is an accomplished chemitzer player, and took over the Hengel factory years ago. I even played a couple of tunes with him on one of his chemitzers and me on my Tedrow. He makes nice instruments.



  4. As the resident active Columbian, Columbusite, or something, I guess I will now have to listen to the lyrics. (Yes, I now have a Columbus address instead of the nice Dublin one, since we moved after the fire. Actually live in Prairie Township though) It is a nice enough place, but not real exciting. Good Irish music community, bluegrass community and folk dance community. I've been here 23 years now, and still think of southern Michigan as home.



  5. My wife got a lot out of the Kaufman camp years back on her mandolin playing, me not so much for the banjo. I went to a one night workshop by Brian Peters down in Cinnci and got a lot out of it. I also got a lot out of NESI the two years I attended, though that is a far piece for me, and farther for you. I know a lot of folks here swear by Noel's camp, but as I am not really interested in playing Irish music, I never felt the need to go. My first concertina influence was Peter Bellamy. If Irish is what you want to play, I say go for the Noel Hill camp.



  6. It has been a year since the last time I went through air port security, and even though I wasn't asked to, I opened up my case the same way I did for the laptop I was carrying. I figured it couldn't hurt and they could see what it was.



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