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  1. For some unknown reason, I am locked out of done deal. Is this still available? Would it be possible to hear some audio/video, even something recorded on a phone? Are you willing to ship to the Us? I’m in Portland OR. Thanks Mary
  2. Absolutely beautiful! I’d have to rob a bank. Good luck
  3. This ad is on concertina.net. A G/D
  4. What are you asking for the John Crabb Anglo? Thanks
  5. Hi Pentaprism, thanks for taking the time to pass along this info! Very helpful!
  6. Do you still have any of the 30 button angle in C/G? Thanks
  7. Can I get more info on the Anglo that’s 30 buttons? Thanks
  8. Thanks very much for the info. I too had an Edgley briefly but didn’t care for the tone. Nothing wrong with the Edgley, it just wasn’t for me. A friend has a Kensington and I love the tone. Good to hear that you’re hanging onto it. You mentioned you found the action slightly slower with the Kensington. Just wondering if you have any thoughts about that?
  9. Hi. There are a couple listed on barleycorn Concertinas if you can get there. I’m taking your starter course and I love your approach to lessons!! It makes a Concertina seem almost easy, ha ha. Good luck in your search. Mary
  10. I’d be interested as well, if you get more than one person responding. Thanks! Mary
  11. Where can I hear a sample? Thanks
  12. That’s ok. However, in the meantime, I am in the process of buying a Morse Ceili concertina. Thanks for getting back to me. Good luck.
  13. Thanks for the photos. Is it possible to do a short unedited video saying my name. There’s been some scammers on constatina.net lately.
  14. Yes very interested! Could you send a few more photos please.? Where are you located? I also need to see a short video of you playing the concertina with today’s date. You could say hi rock Portland please Thanks Mary
  15. So who do I report this scam to? Soon after I posed WTB Morse Ceili, I was contacted by outside email of a “friend” who had one to sell. Be very careful, they almost got me!!!
  16. Wren 2 anglo concertina C/G with hard case available. Used, in good condition. Great way to start playing concertina or check it out for a reasonable price. That's how I started and I'm so glad I did. I did trim the straps in order to reach the air button. Bellows are a bit stiff but still very playable. $365+ shipping/ insurance. https://mcneelamusic.com/concertinas/new-improved-the-wren-anglo-concertina-2/?setCurrencyId=2&gclid=CjwKCA. will send photos on request.
  17. I am selling the Edgely for $2000 firm plus shipping/insurance. It’s in great condition it’s just not right for me. That’s what I paid several months ago. I can take more photos if you’d like. Thanks for inquiring.
  18. It’s a Jeffries layout based on what the previous owner told me. Thanks
  19. I’m sorry I don’t know which model it is. I asked the person I bought it from and he didn’t know. It’s a 30 button CG, #521. I’ll have to double check whether it’s wheatstone or Jeffries, I’m new to all this. i’m out at a session, will check later and post it. Thanks
  20. C/G 30 button. Beautiful instrument built in 2015! Bellows are supple, it has likely been played a lot. Bit of paint has worn off left hand rest. Otherwise not a mark on it! Lovely instrument! $2000+ shipping/ insurance. Includes a hard fitted case. .
  21. Curious if this is still available? Thanks
  22. Hi I would like to hear more about your Kensington. I have a starter concertina and I’m looking to upgrade. I’m also in Oregon. Thanks Mary

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    2. rockportland


      Did you end up selling this Kensington? Thanks Mary


    3. mike_s


      sorry for the slow reply.  I seldom visit here anymore (don't have or play concertina any longer).  I sold it several months ago.

    4. rockportland


      Thanks anyway!


  23. What are the keys on this one? C/G or G/D or other? Thanks
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