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  1. Calybos

    Fingering For 20-button Anglo

    Good point. I'm in Norcross, GA, just outside Atlanta.
  2. Calybos

    Fingering For 20-button Anglo

    Great! That's exactly what I need, thanks. As for what type of music I'd like to do, I don't really know. Probably simple folk tunes for the most part. I know very little about specifically Irish music, other than what I've heard at fairs & festivals. I'd be glad to just sound out "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to get started! Thanks again. Edited: The reply was originally to David, but thanks for your graphic pointer too, Leo!
  3. Calybos

    Fingering For 20-button Anglo

    Well, that's a start (Thanks!), but I'm looking for something even more basic: Which finger goes to which keys? And on a 20-key, not a 30. I haven't even figured out which row is in G and which is in C yet.
  4. I'm the rankest of rank amateurs, just getting started on an Anglo concertina, and I'd love to find a basic fingering chart for the 20-button C/G model. Any suggestions or links? I can read music, but that's about it. All my previous experience has been with wind instruments.