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  1. derkaderka: You are ordering from here right????: U.S.A. We accept Money orders, Bank-Cashier's and Personal Checks payable to: The Concertina Connection 11517 E. 12th Spokane WA. 99206 U.S.A. Their main page has a "contact us" directly hot spot to email them directly. http://www.concertinaconnection.com/ To answer your question, when you click order an item, the new open window has a place for click to continue shopping. When you are finished ordering multiple items click check out. The automated ordering systems collect keystrokes until you say done. I don't have enough experience or knowledge to comment on your other question, however I would suggest a little patience for a few days. In a short time I'm sure there will be enough information posted to help your search. In the mean time this line of concertinas has been commented on frequently. Look through the previous posts to find more information. Does this help get you started?? Thanks Leo ya thanks for the help, is the jackie lighter than the jack or are they about the same. how much do they weigh
  2. thanks. i was thinking on getting the jack instead of the Jackie. Has anyone tried the baritone jack. I am also buying a hard case so if i pay with pay-pal how do they know that i bought those two items.
  3. i ordered a jackie, thinking i would try to learn the english system, and i remember it taking about a month to ship to washington state. they ship from the netherlands through the post office. if you're on the east coast it may be faster. i just mailed a check to the spokane address so i don't know about entering the state in the web form. so if i use pay-pal they might not know what state i live in (Colorado). a month is quite the wait was it worth it. i was gonig to get the jackie or the one off e-bay here here
  4. i am new at the concertinas and i am thinking on buying the Jackie but when ordering there is no place to enter the state (i live in the USA) that i live in. there is only the address, city and zip code. Has anyone here bought a Jackie that lives in the usa. Does anyone here know if the Jackie concertinas ship out of Europe or the USA. if so how long will it take to ship to the use. is the Jackie a good beginner concertina and by good it will last more that a year.
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