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  1. Sparing use of a good shoe cream has worked for me. Don't use a wax though.
  2. What you said Jim. This idiot shows up every couple of months, same scam.
  3. Scam, scam, scam scam.......Scam
  4. I'm selling a beautiful Wheatstone C/G Linota for a friend who needs to sell for financial reasons. The instrument has rosewood end frames and metal ends. I can honestly say this is one of the best instruments I have had my hands on. It was made in 1932, before Wheatsone changes to the saddle type action and cheaper materials. Beautiful sound, light, fast action and lovely condition. This instrument would be perfect for an Irish session player. The original bellows are in fantastic unpatched condition. Looking for offers in the region of $7000.
  5. Dave Leese bellows then, I guess.
  6. Nice one Jim. Better not say anything, duets usually sell for less......
  7. The clue is in the picture Scholer
  8. Seems to have disappeared - and the link is off too!
  9. Has all the signs. Also, subject to checking my files, I think this is one I bought a few years back. Scan Aeola Some may be interested to know that this instrument will be appearing in the Toronto production of War Horse in the coming months (the stand-in music man will be playing it).
  10. Hi Ben, I'm very interested. I'm located in Toronto. Where are you based? Is this Ben Otto?

  11. I do not think it would be possible to reliably "steam bend" either Ebony or Rosewood. The Ebony ended models were sometimes Ebonised Pearwood, or something similar, which 'might' have been pressed into that shape. The real question for you is how to have the replacements made. i would have Andrew Norman make new ends.
  12. Ah thanks guys. I thought I'd heard of him somewhere.
  13. .za address extension! Zambia? hmmmmm. Careful.
  14. I suspect what you have is nickel reeds with brass reed frames. These are very brittle and hence not worth as much as steel-reeded instruments. More value as an antique I suspect.
  15. It's standard 40-button Wheatstone.
  16. I have just listed a Dickinson Wheatstone anglo on ebay. As usual, I would rather sell it via C.Net. I am selling on behalf of a friend. As the listing says, it was completely overhauled by Steve Dickinson before the aesthetic work was done on it. Quite an interesting, unique item! Dickinson
  17. Latest scam: Not much question on this one!
  18. Looks like Sean found his buyer. I'm pleased for him but I still have a soft spot for that Linota.
  19. Weel, I meant the Lachenal. Allowing people to come and try it is usually the only reasonable thing he does
  20. Andy Pandy that isNutter Lach
  21. i used to own this instrument. it was a lovely instrument back then and I'm sure it's even better after Steven D has gone over it.. I moved over to a Jeffries too but largely for layout reasons.
  22. He also buys, waits until the last minute and then gives spurious negative feedback to damage other seller's reputations. Barking mad may be right!
  23. Hi gerry,

    Be a little bit caurious with Clinton. He has a habit of agreeing deals then disappearing and not responding to messages.

    Good luck.

  24. Glad to see you're OK after you disappeared on me!

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