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  1. Thanks for the excellent advice Frank. The heads were sheared as discussed in our follow-up telephone conversation. I did manage to get it apart, with minor damage, but it's back together and seems fine now.
  2. I have an old 20-button Lachenal that needs repair. The end bolts on one end have badly corroded and the ends sheared off when trying to unscrew them. Does anybody have suggestions for how to remove the end without damaging the instrument?
  3. The black on the bellows can be restored with leather dye, followed by a shoe cream to restore the shine.
  4. It is possible, of course, that the present trend of retuning to A=440 will be reversed if the original pitch instruments become more valuable.
  5. The George Case that I have just sold also had a different number stamped on one end. I found it because Neil Wayne asked me if there was one. I didn't find out the significance at the time, but I'll e-mail him and ask what the significance is. Mine also had the wooden baffle. They are very nice instruments. Mine was an older one, #2223.
  6. Jim, You're partly right. It is a piano page, but if you search the site for 'pitch'. There is a whole page on the history of pitch. I found it interesting and thought others would too. Sorry the posting wasn't clear enough about the details.
  7. There is a good web page on 'concert pitch' at: www.uk-piano.org/history/pitch.html
  8. I don't know if this picture will work, but here goes....
  9. I have just put my George Case for sale on Ebay. The is a beautiful example and I would agree with Chris's assessment that they are the equivalent of the victorian Wheatstones. This one has been retuned and revalved. I'll be sorry to see it go but there is a Wheatstone tenor treble Aeola waiting in the wings and I need the funds!
  10. Thanks guys. I think that I'll leave well alone as it is working beautifully at present. Aesthetics are all very well but: if it ain't broke.........
  11. Has anybody any recommendations on re-finishing ebonised ends (on a Wheatstone Aeola).. Mine has worn off locally where the heels af the hands touch (or damaged by sweat) It is still shiny but you can see the grain. Also, any suggestions re polishing the ends (ebony)?
  12. Gents, Time I had a word. I've just sold the instrument. I think that Jim is right, based on the assumption that the straps attached to the rails. Having watched the discussion, it makes sense to me that the rails were removed (by, or for, the original owner because it came almost direct). What is there now is very well done and looks good. You can see from the photographs that the fretwork was modified to accommodate the 'rails'. I suspect he thought they would be a good idea and then didn't like them. I've promised Robin to get better photos before it leaves.
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