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  1. Does anyone have experience with these? Any good for a concertina?
  2. Hi Clinton. Still waiting to hear back from you on our last deal.....
  3. I've had a few of these pass through my hands, one just a couple of weeks ago, and they can be as goos as the golden era ones inside although the outside materials tend to be cheaper.
  4. I sold that instrument to Kelly, I believe. It is one of the finest playing Linotas I have had my hands on.
  5. A John Kirkpatrick song. We do it in 4 part.
  6. Having exerience of dealing with him and having tried the instrument, I pity anybody who buys it.
  7. I have just put a 37-button concertina on ebay. A very nice instrument but no indication as to it's make.
  8. I have just put my Wheatstone on Ebay but would prefer to sell via c.net. It is a real cracker! Perfect for Christmas!
  9. Just out of interest, do we have any members located in Georgia?
  10. I recently retuned this instrument. It is one of the nicest players I have had my hands on. Very responsive. Excellent set of original bellows too.
  11. Thanks Geoff. Do you still ahve any of those 12/- bellows for sale? . Any guesses on the maker for this one?
  12. Quite right Ivan. I put it out in a bit of a hurry. Not my usual approach. Better pictures would help too!
  13. If anyone off c.net is interested, I'm looking for $4000 for this instrument.
  14. Thanks Bazza. The internals look very much like a Jeffries or Crabb so it is definitely from that group of instruments such as these and Shakespeare. I thnik I advertised it quite poorly as I didn't mention that it was restored with new pads, valves and a fantastic set of 7-fold bellows. I originally got it from the son of a man who had died. It would be intersting to know if anyone (such as Geoff Crabb) has thoughts on it. For example, did Crabb ever make the bones of instruments for others to finish?
  15. Pictures of reeds and reed pans added. Very Jeffries/Crabb looking!
  16. I have just listed this instrument on ebay. I have no idea what make it is but it has lovely raised metal ends and a good set of 7-fold bellows. http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=181219462726
  17. The "error", if I may call it that, came from the Sally Army's "NEW MODEL" being interpreted as "New Model" (a name) rather than "new model" (a description). Yes, exactly.
  18. Quite right gents. I was getting into the Lachenal terminology. Sorry about that but I do think the "New Model" term was not purely relates to the lower range as has been demonstrated above by Geoff and Mike. Looking at the description in Mike's attachment, however, it does talk about the lower range which in isolation could lead you to think "New Model" referred to the range. Congratulations on the sale Carol, it looked like a lovely instrument.
  19. I think you're wrong there Les. I'll let others comment but as I understand it the "new model" tag was applied to the upgraded, raised end instrument that they came out with that was considered an improvement on the previous flat-ended instruments Nothing to do with the range. You could get New Model trebles, tenors, baritones and basses..
  20. After a bit of wasted time with a potential buyer who became unresponsive, this instrument is re-listed, slightly reduced start price.http://www.ebay.ca/itm/181211487109?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_102wt_1170
  21. I had a buyer for this but, with going away and then flooded basement issues I lost touch. So.... it's up for sale again. I'll see if anyone on c.net is interested before it goes on ebay.
  22. For a much loved instrument like this go to the best - Colin and Rosalie Dipper.
  23. Forget that! It's gone already. A clue was that it would be erected free anywhere in South Wales!
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