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  1. I have just listed a newly restored rosewood Lachenal concertina on ebay. I prefer to sell through this site so contact me if you're interested. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184372082901
  2. Continuing the sale of my restored instruments, here is a very nice Lachenal 30-button anglo. It has the simpler fretwork and 5-fold bellows. It is a higher grade instrument than the basic mahogany ones with a rosewood coloured finish (original). The better quality is reflected in its playability as it a responsive player with a good set of steel reeds. It is fully restored with new pads, handstraps and valves, turned to modern pitch A=440. Located in Toronto, Canada. Price reduced to C$1725 (995 pounds) plus shipping/insurance. I have a number of other instruments including 2 rosewood 30-button C/G Lachenals, a rosewood 30-button Ab/Eb Lachenal, a 27-button Jeffries/Crabb and a 39-button Jeffries/Crabb, all recently restored. Contact me for me more information.
  3. A beautiful 64-button extended tenor treble for sale. In very nice condition, bellows are original and very good. This one was made in January 1919, from the golden era. 6-fold bellows The instrument is tight and plays beautifully. Typically selling for 3700+ at the dealers. I am asking for 2900 pounds equivalent (C$5000). The instrument is in Toronto, Canada but will ship anywhere (shipping and insurance extra). Message me if interested.
  4. One of the few positives of this Covid episode is that I have had the time to essentially clear my backlog of restorations and customer repairs (lots of broken customers...). I am now on to the ones I have been avoiding. I am looking at two 32-button Lachenal rosewood instruments for restoration, Instrument one has one badly broken end and the other end is a crude home-made end plate. The other instrument has one good end and the other end is damaged but also of a much finer fretwork. I have been waiting in hope of replacement ends turning up on otherwise scrap instruments but I am moving towards the idea of having new ends cut. Is there anyone out there who already has a digital drawing for Lachenal end plates who would be ready to sell the program as I am in touch someone who is equipped to do the work but it seems a shame to go through the process again if the work is already done. Finally, I have a beautiful 30-button instrument that is completely missing one end (one end, bellows and reed pans are present). Does anyone have a full Lachenal end only, to sell? Thanks.
  5. Message sent to you - slightly off topic.
  6. I was thinking more of their responsiveness as the Victorian ones tended to be a bit slower than the later models (1900 +). I assume the reeds were from a top of the line instrument and, of course, Wim would have optimised reed performance. Re sound, the older ones tended to be somewhat sweet and quieter than later models but that could be construction rather than reed design that dictated that. A beautiful instrument.
  7. It's a beautiful instrument. How responsive are the Victorian reeds?
  8. That's how I read it. Tenor treble without the higher notes?
  9. Hi Randy, Can you please advise a date for a rosewood anglo 30b, 197472. I's guessing around 1910?
  10. I have an identical one, currently out on loan but it will need some retuning and restoration before it will be ready to leave.
  11. It turns out to be an Ab/Eb perhaps he converted it. It has an absolutley superb set of reeds.
  12. Excellent. Thank you so much. I was expecting the Lachenal to be later. I am also working on an old 30-button that was tuned by T. Brock of Toronto, concertina teacher and repairer, in April 1902. 151369. It's had a much harder life that the other. Surprising it needed tuning so soon after manufacture, unless he was changing the pitch of course.
  13. I'm working on a Lachenal rosewood-ended anglo with the interesting number 144,444. Would that be around 1915 is? Also Edeophone53880? Many thanks.
  14. Price update. Offers around C$1000 for a quick sale. Please PM me.
  15. To those who are UK based, this is about 660 pounds - depending on exchange rate fluctuations.
  16. This is a rosewood-ended concertina I'm selling on behalf of the owner. It is a 46-button instrument with metal buttons, 6-fold bellows in what appears to be excellent condition (some loss of black stain through wear in places but no leaks). Date of manufacture was November 1921 - prime period. It has been tuned to modern concert pitch at some time. Comes with a very nice fitted modern case. He is looking for offers around C$1200.
  17. I think the answer is that you keep the instrument in a humidified room in the winter. Short outings aren't enough to cause major issues.
  18. Having sent this instrument to Europe to a buyer who then decided it was not what he was after, it is available for sale in the UK for the next 2weeks. It is a mahogany- ended Lachenal, restored, steel reeds, Original 5-fold bellows, patched but airtight. It plays well.
  19. Hey John, Sorry to hear this. It may be worth putting on Facebook too. I can do it if you like Paul
  20. Does anyone know if these guys make their own reeds or are they the ones from the Czech republic (or Slovakia, not sure which) that others are using?
  21. It would be interesting to see the reeds. I wonder if they are the Czech (or Slovak) ones, riveted tongues and cut to shape. Maybe someone can come up with a picture. They do seem to be a little critical of vintage instruments and the competition on their web site.
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