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  1. I would just comment that the top "real" concertinas are easily as responsive as any hybrid.  I mean here the Dippers, Carrolls, Wheatstones etc.  In my opinion the sound is much superior but you pay more for the instrument of course.

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  2. A beautiful 32-button Lachenal Rosewood anglo concertina with new 6-fold bellows and in modern A=440 concert pitch.  Plays very well with responsive reeds.  Selling for C$2900 (1675 pounds, US$2315) plus shipping and insurance.  I will be bringing it to the UK once Covid allows.






  3. Attractive rosewood-ended Jones concertina with intricate fretwork.  The instrument has 6-fold bellows, is in modern concert pitch.  It plays well and, has riveted action. C$2500 (equates to US$1995, GBP1450).  The instrument is in excellent condition.  Some minor fretwork repairs at one end as shown in the pictures. A great instrument for singing accompaniment and sessions at a starter concertina price.  Shipping and insurance extra at cost.






  4. Selling on consignment, a rare and beautiful 56-button, wooden (ebonized) ended Crane duet concertina.  Serial number 35721 which dates it to 31st July 1950.  The instrument has steel reeds in aluminum frames, making it reasonably light for this size of instrument.  The 8-fold bellows are in as-new condition.  In fact the whole instrument looks lightly played.  The inside reed pans are as-new visually.  Asking C$4500 which currently equates to approximately US$3718 or GBP2640.  It comes with an original leather case, also in excellent condition.

    box and inst.jpg






  5. 40 minutes ago, Richard Mellish said:

    In which case it would be very helpful if the seller would pass questions on to the owner and come back with the answers. It does make sense that someone who has never sold on ebay would get someone who is a regular seller to do it on their behalf.

    Agreed.  He needs to edit it and add some more relevant photos.  Unfortunately that's up to him.

  6. 1 hour ago, John, Wexford said:

    I have one like this, also for sale, (but I have not advertised it yet).


    Can I ask are the first two images of the concertina reversed, i.e. from left to right, (or vice-versa).

    You can tell from the handstraps that the pics are opposite ends.

  7. 56 minutes ago, Ken_Coles said:

    I just did the usual search for Musical Instruments > Concertina on US ebay and it is not showing up. You might check on this, that's a big potential market.




    Edited to add: OK, if I dig with the settings it shows up, but other out-of-country instruments show up without that...beats me.

    Thanks Ken.  I have noticed a few times that I have to go hunting for my listings.  I'll see if there is something I can change to make it more visible.

  8. On 7/29/2020 at 9:38 AM, Anglo-Irishman said:

    PS: I just looked at my currency converter, and the difference between 1600 Canadian Dollars and 1600 British Pounds is roughly 700 Euros. You could buy an entry-level hybrid Anglo for that amount!


    1600 pounds converts to C$2770. I could let it go for C$2700 plus shipping. I may convert to G/D if it doesn’t sell, although it is such a nice player i wantedto see if anyone was looking for an Ab/Bb. .

  9. 2 hours ago, Dowright said:


    Serial number would be much appreciated.



    also a rosewood coloured mahogany type 30 button, steel reeds 149180, Rosewood 30b 173565, cheers, another 151369,  32 button rosewood 144444, 30 button rosewood 197472

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