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  1. Hi Heidi,

    Not sure if my last message came through but i can offer 1500 for this..

  2. Hi Ben, I'm very interested. I'm located in Toronto. Where are you based? Is this Ben Otto?

  3. Hi gerry,

    Be a little bit caurious with Clinton. He has a habit of agreeing deals then disappearing and not responding to messages.

    Good luck.

  4. Glad to see you're OK after you disappeared on me!

  5. Sorry, my mistake. I misread the notice.

    We're looking forward to meeting you.

    Best regards,


  6. I don'tseema to be able to do a long enough message! Can you send me your address asap? I'm going to China for 4 weeks on Wednesday.

    If it fixes faster than thought, I'll send another $100 later if that's OK.



  7. Hi Polly,

    Doug brought the concertina for me to look at as arranged. Now everyone has gone home I've had a chance to open it up and look at it. They were correct that quite a bit of work needs to be done to it, including a particularly nasty leak that may be warpage of the end and which may be the reason for the repair cost quoted.

    However, I do like the instrument and will send...

  8. Hi there,

    Did you have an idea of how much you would like for this instrument? It looks quite interesting.

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